Venus – Our Magnetic Nature

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Venus – Our Magnetic Nature. Undoubtedly we all know women who are magnetic. Who seem to magically pull in men like bees to a beautiful flower. Some women appear to exude a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ ….it may seem to be beauty or an overt sensuality but often it’s just not obvious what it is. There is simply a quality that is captivating. There are women also whose capacity for prosperity in all its forms is overflowing. Like a many-armed Goddess they spread bounty everywhere. Their capacity for generosity seems infinite. Do you know what I mean? You might even be one of these women? Or perhaps you feel you are not?

Venus Verticordia by Dante Rossetti

Attraction and Abundance

So what is this quality of attraction or abundance we’re perceiving in women? Let’s start with attraction. Like summer flowers in full bloom calling in the bees, attraction has a certain quality. If we look with a scientific lens we might put it down to pheromones or hormones, or to life’s survival instinct. It’s part of the creative magnetism of nature at its fullest. We see it in nature through pollination and animal attraction; we know it in ourselves in sexual chemistry. However we might frame it, attraction is the catalyst for life’s creative urge to fulfil itself. It’s how life on Earth happens.

Seen through mythology and the Deep Sacred Feminine archetypes the qualities of attraction, magnetism and abundance are represented by Venus (also known as Aphrodite) Goddess of Love. Venus is the Goddess of desire, pleasure and fertility; the one who married but took many lovers. To the Romans Venus was considered essential to the generation and balance of life. In their pantheon she is the polarity to the active and fiery male Gods. She absorbs the male essence, uniting the opposites in love or sexual union. Venus is responsible, with the Mother Goddesses, for the continuation of life on Earth.

Venus Energy

When we explore the nature of attraction one thing is certain, it’s a mystery. Within this mystery is the pull of male and female towards each other. Woman is definitely the attractor in this dance of duality . The Venus energy within us as women is magnetic and receptive. She’s the one who pulls him in – in every sense. Her mystery is inner; she draws the male into her inner space. Perhaps we’ve never thought about this, but as women, our vagina and womb are the Great Mystery in form, with the potential for creating life. The sexual union of man and woman seeds this potential for new life. This happens on every level, not just in procreation. At the finest level this dance of union is the Deep Sacred Feminine calling in the seed of the Masculine – pure potential expressing as idea, vision and purpose – in order to give it form. Our Feminine nature creates life from the seed, however that seed looks. It grows it, tends and nurtures it, until that new life form has enough strength to sustain itself. In considering this play of duality, how can we not be who we are as the Divine Feminine (expressing in both men and woman)? We simply are that play of creation whether we know it, feel it or acknowledge it in our self or not. We are the attractor and the creatrix. We are the Divine Feminine in the form of woman. Perhaps our deepest purpose as women is to align with that consciously?

Feminine Energy

venusThe creative process fulfils itself through the receptivity of Feminine energy. She is naturally receptive. We are naturally that. Even our female bodies show us this. Receptivity is linked to openness. Think about profound lovemaking; our bodies open. Some of us know that our soul opens too. It’s totally natural. In meditation our mind and energy field open to the divine pulse; in expressing love our emotional field is open and it flows. Openness is key to life forming and flowing. Openness is profoundly attractive to the Masculine. Just look at the open-throated beauty of a flower calling in the bees. It’s a divine dance of procreation. Venus in us as women is this openness, receptivity and abundant flow of potential for life. Yet for many of us openness may be a challenge, receiving even more so.

Many women are confident in the Venus nature of giving. Is it natural for us to give? I would say so. Women will give even when it seems there is nothing left to give. We may see this as foolhardy. Yet is our nature to give. We are inordinately creative. We make a baby from a sperm; we take a seed and we make a garden of life. Somewhere in us we know we are the creative power of the universe. Not ‘we have the power’; we are that power. Yet opening, receiving and trusting it fully are a challenge perhaps? We know giving without receiving drains us. It’s clear giving when we’re not openly in flow is a strategy rather than a free-flow. Conditional giving perhaps? Giving gives us power perhaps? Whereas receiving may make us vulnerable.

Allowing the flow of opening, receiving, giving is the full expression of our Feminine nature. Venus shows us that we all are the magnetic pull and abundant creative nature of the Feminine embodied as women. Our journey is to re-discover this, to claim it fully, to live it well. How may we do this? Practice openness; practice receiving, practice allowing. We may explore Venus through mythology and astrology too. Her dance is our dance. In recognising there is no out-breath without first there being an in-breath; in seeing that without the open receptivity of our woman bodies there is no human life on Earth, we are knowing Venus, whether we realise it or not. It’s time to claim her.


Cassandra Eve ~ Whole Woman

venusCassandra Eve is a traveller in every sense. Having lived in the UK, India, New Zealand and Australia, she now resides in beautiful wild west Cornwall (most of the time). She loves the wild power of the ocean, the language of the stars, losing herself in a good book and deep conversations about life and love.


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10 Responses

  1. Ellen

    Yes we are magnetic.. I so understand this beauty in form.. this energy we emanate comes from our expression of life the source is love.. love of our self flows and captivates the atmosphere around us.

    A lovely piece cassandra

  2. Jools

    Cassandra, this is beautifully written and expressed. So many threads of insight and exploration of the feminine experience and instilled with a sense of pure love. Just marvellous.

    • Cassandra

      Thanks so much Jools…. it’s so vital to our lives, to the Earth and humanity that we know and acknowledge this isn’t it?

  3. Eva

    we are a garden of beautiful flowers… thanks you Cassandra. Venus blessings in our giving and our receiving. Gorgeous. xxxx

    • Cassandra Eve

      We are indeed Eva…. held by the sweet earth, opening to the warm sun, revelling in the rain that refreshes, the breeze that caresses and weathering the storms that batter..

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