You Are So Blinking Valuable

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You Are So Blinking Valuable, Even If You Don’t Feel It You Have Value

Dear Silver Sisters

This is a heartfelt plea from me to you to KNOW YOUR WORTH and REMIND yourselves of it every day.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to be around so many women of the same age or older. I don’t have a sister, my mother died years ago and most of the mums near me are younger. Coming into a community where I was surrounded by women, the majority of whom were older, has given me a huge sense of security.

BECAUSE YOU ARE WHERE I AM HEADING for and I would be proud to be as wise and wonderful as you are.


I know that being in a community of older women means that there are some downsides – there is a lot of menopausal stuff going on, old baggage buttons being pressed and a bit of ‘grumpy old woman’ syndrome. But if you accept that as part of who we are, then you can get past it a lot more quickly, and can focus on our power together instead.

I would love you to understand that you are very much wanted and needed in this world.
I would love you to understand that it’s time for you to step up.
There isn’t a single one of you, that I don’t believe that is true for.
No, not even you!

I understand how your fears and lack of self-worth or self-belief hold you back – I see me in you and you in me.

Value Us

But we cannot wait for the world to appreciate our value – we need to know it and feel it, and take back our position in society. Because they won’t value us and remember our value, until WE remember.

Yes, our reality is that we are sometimes in very vulnerable and lonely positions – as many in the Silver community will know, I came into the group in a terrible situation. I see you and hear you and acknowledge how you feel and would never want you to ignore it. Just know it’s not true, even though we feel it so keenly.

There are people who want to be around you.
There are ways you can give back to society and have value, even if it is just being present and not specifically ‘Doing’ anything.
However restricted you are physically, mentally, emotionally or financially, you still have value.


I know the world seems like a scary place and it’s difficult to catch up. Technology changes ever day. The world of teenagers, knife crimes, drugs and 35 new genders are scary (I have a teenager and believe you me, it’s not an easy world for them right now). By now, you can’t have escaped the tough challenges that life throws at us, and you may have many battle scars, which have worn you down and made you question yourself and life.

When I look at the trees in winter, they remind me how beautiful they are, even with their scars. I remember how valuable they are, even as they follow the course of nature and break down and return to the earth, which gives me a sense of security that it is also true for us.

Know you have value.
Know you are needed.
Remind yourself every day.

Know you are capable of more than you think.
That the new world isn’t so new, and you are perfectly capable of getting a handle on it.
Know that it doesn’t matter if it takes you a while to catch up or learn something new – as long as you get there.

Know that you are not too old to challenge your fears. Open your eyes to your mental blocks which hold you back from reclaiming your power.

Be kind to yourself as well – those fears and anxieties are perfectly reasonable and perfectly normal. They are not to be held over your head as another source of guilt. They are just to be questioned and be aware of.

Bionic Woman

Maybe your body doesn’t work like the bionic woman any more and that is how life goes! But it might be capable of more than you think, and no one is too old to look after themselves.

Perhaps you have let go of the shackles of worrying about what others think. But perhaps you have decided that for you it’s important to continue to show yourself that you care, by still looking after your skin and hair and clothes. Now you can just ‘march to the sound of your own drum’ more – be more outrageous, be more imaginative, be more you, whilst showing yourself that you care about yourself!

Every night I ask to let go of more of my lack of self-belief or self-worth.
Every morning I thank my body for managing what it has managed.
And every day I remind myself that I have a good heart and I am doing my best and that everything is working out for me, even when I don’t see it.
And every day I look at my fears and say ‘I see you’, ‘I know you are trying to keep me safe, but the cost of not stepping up is too high, so you’ll need to be quiet for today, thank you’.


So, remember you are of value.
Don’t hold back – maybe some of the new ways will be fun, or maybe people need to remember the old ways and you can remind them.
Be proud of who you are and where you have come from, and where you are going.
Step up.

And know that ‘being silver’ is a privilege that many don’t get and a true source of inner power.

Sending you all big hugs and loads of love, whenever or wherever you are reading this.
Know that others see, hear and need you.


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  1. Patricia Cherry

    Yes, yes and yes. I totally believe that too many of us undervalue ourselves. I run a group and write about Ageing With Vitality. Not the leaping about sort. But being conscious of the vital force running through us right up until the draw our last breath. There is so much I want to say, you are reminding me that my time will come now very soon to get back on track after losing my husband in July. Thank you.

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