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What stops you from being the wise elder woman you already truly are? Don’t tell me it’s obviously the fact that you have nothing to offer, because if you know me at all you’ll know I’ll say that’s total rubbish. Through a series of insights, experiences and moments of epiphany I have come to the conclusion that wise elder-hood is in our DNA, it is our birthright. We are valid and valuable individuals with wisdom worth sharing in our world today – whether you believe it or not.

Energy Siphon

together we walkHowever when our energy is siphoned away we cannot easily become the women we are destined to be. A dis-believing mindset can powerfully siphon off our energy but what I have finally allowed myself to recognise is that our physical body may be the greatest siphon of all if we don’t look after it. So from being pretty much a couch potato, I have galvanised into action to walk myself fitter. Not only will the end result mean I can dance along the spine of Wales like I have dreamed of doing, but this newfound stamina will enable me to be a far more effective wise elder collaborating with other like-hearted women to make a difference in our worldwide community.


In October 2018, on a Silver Synergy retreat in the Pyrenees in France I found myself walking very slowly up to the peak of Montsegur. This was a mountain stronghold for the peaceful Cathar people. For their beliefs, in 1244 the Catholic church burned to death over 200 of them at the base of the mountain. I did not think I could reach the top, but with help to keep my balance up some of the higher steps, and an unwavering commitment to this climb, I made it.

To be honest it’s not that big a deal if you are relatively fit but not only did this highlight how very unfit I had allowed myself to become it also showed me how much I can overcome when I have a clear vision. Each step gave me that chance to opt out and go back down, or push myself and go on up. Each choice I made to go on up was an act of will.

Together We Walk – A Global Vision

A few weeks back in the UK and the idea of walking myself fitter blossomed in to a global vision. Could I inspire other women over 50, no matter what their level of fitness, to walk with me to greater fitness? I had this sense that even if we’re walking alone on our path, the thought of other women also walking on different paths around the world would make us feel part of something and would encourage us to keep going when we hit those challenging moments.

Together We Walk is this global movement of ‘movement’ within our silver community. Many of our membership around the world have begun to walk themselves fitter – whatever their current level of ability. It’s not about the number of steps we walk each day, but the courage and determination we show in urging ourselves to more, reconnecting with a child-like sense of curiosity, gently exploring just how far we can stretch ourselves – and then a little more. Each incremental gain is something to celebrate.

We’ll bring you walking meditations to download, short inspirational videos to help you discover how to move forward even if you currently hardly move at all, tips for eating to increase energy levels, and we’ll aim to bring you discounted products to support you in this adventure.

The theme of our 2019 Silver Tent Calendar is Together We Walk featuring Silver Synergy members’ favourite walks around the world to inspire us. Click here to purchase a calendar while stocks last.

Together We Walk Meet-Ups

Over the months we’ll have Together We Walk physical meet-ups, we’ll have online meet-ups, and we’ll collect stories from you to build the momentum and share in your success. As we all walk ourselves fitter, know that your energy is now more available to focus on the life you’d love to have and let’s explore how many other aspects of our lives improve as our physical body gets fitter, healthier and stronger. Sometimes the sheer determination to succeed in one area flows effortlessly in to others.

This is a long-term project – no need to get fit in the next five minutes – and by later in 2019 we’ll invite you on a series of sponsored walks which you can participate in alone if you prefer, or with a group if there is one in your area. We intend to set up The Silver Tent Fund with sponsorship revenue, to support our Silver Sisters and their life-changing projects.

Keep notes of your experiences, your progress, your challenges either in video form or written, as some of your stories will make it in to my next book Together We Walk – a fitting follow-on to my Together We Rock! book, which tells how I set up The Silver Tent.

Tips from #togetherwewalk particpants

Was considering ways to make our #togetherwewalk less of a should or must.

Try taking just one picture of one plant, tree, flower, bird, whatever, each time you walk, or more if you like! Get home and research it. Is it medicinal? Does it have historical uses, are there any stories or myths attached to it? Make up your own digest. You’ll be surprised how quickly your knowledge grows, and it becomes fun to walk and know what is growing or living around you.

Steph N-S

More suggestions welcome!


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Fancy Walking Around The World With Me?

If you are already out walking with ‘Together We Walk’ how about committing a step further and join me in a long-term commitment to walking around the world between now and 1st December 2019?

If that sounds mad, this is what I came up with. I checked the circumference of the Earth and was slightly surprised to find it is only 25,000 miles (approx 40,000 km), so if just 25 of us commit to walking at least 1000 miles each between now (whatever date you begin) and the 1st December this year we’ll have walked the equivalent of right around our amazing blue globe! I love the quirkiness of it… and if 50 of us commit then we’ll have walked our silver path the equivalent of twice around the globe!

I began my global walk on 1st January, so as long as I walk 3 miles on average per day I’ll have cracked it – this is around the 8000 step mark for me with my short legs according to my iPhone. If you begin on the 1st February then you’ll be committing to an average of 3.4 miles per day, which is still fewer than the fabled 10,000 steps.

To commit to walking 1000 miles by 1st December 2019 please subscribe in the box below. We’ll keep you updated with events and special offers around the world on this adventure, and how to register your progress contributing to the total number of miles around the world.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/. Miles 25,000Raised Miles 9,300 towards the Miles 25,000 target. Miles 9,300Raised Miles 9,300 towards the Miles 25,000 target.37%


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We need 25 of us altogether to be able to achieve one round around the world so please sign up as soon as possible and keep us updated on your progress by posting in The Silver Tent Facebook group.

Happy walking!





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