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Who Is the Summit For?

Women, 50+

What if it was an exciting moment for us to reach 50?

What if everything beforehand has simply been a rite of passage?

Imagine feeling strong, resilient, resourceful, healthy, fit and supported….

Where and What is it?

The Summit is  online here and comprises 3-4 broadcasts of the interviews with host, Francesca Cassini. You get to enjoy some inspiring insights and great wisdom from the comfort of your own home presented by women just like us!

When is it?

April 22nd – 30th, 2017

What will you receive?

Inspiring personal stories and ‘how to’ tips to remembering and reclaiming the fact you are now a wise elder… it is in your DNA.. it is your birthright.

You have more wisdom to share than you realise.

These interviews will take you on a profound journey to understanding that this third phase of our lives is not a decline, but the most meaningful, powerful and joyful time of our lives.

Yes, it is ‘the’ time for us.

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Ready to shed your old skin and emerge more radiant and powerful?

The Silver Tent Summit is a profound detox from an old paradigm where women’s value decreases each year we live beyond forty-nine.

Let’s bring about a shift to remembering and celebrating that older women from all cultures around the world are wise elders, and each of us has wisdom worth sharing, whether we know that or not!

The world will be saved by the Western women” said the Dalai Lama,  “If  we stand with our powerful and inspiring native sisters from around the planet, together we all might just have a chance.”
Sharon Blackie, author of ‘If Women Rose Rooted’.

But we don’t have to be activists to save the world. 

We only need be ourselves. 

Truly ourselves. 

Not the selves we’ve been taught to be. 

Not the selves the media wants us to be. 

But our wild, wonderful and wise elder selves.

We rock! 

We go beyond rules! 

We go beyond convention. 

We live life on our own terms. 

The Launch Summit Programme

The 2017 Launch Summit will commence at 9:0am GMT, April 22nd and 2-3 interviews will be broadcast each day until midnight on  April 30th.

The interviews will be freely and publicly available for a 48 hour time period from the start of their broadcast. After that time, they will be accessible to paid members of The Silver Tent only (Silver Seed and Silver Grove) in the Members Area. 

Click here for the Summit Agenda at a glance, or  click on each speaker’s title below to see  their interviews when scheduled and learn more fascinating facts about these exemplars of being wild, wise and truly wonderful.  

Meet our Awesome Speakers

All hosted by Founder of the Silver Tent: Francesca Cassini

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