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HOW TO PRACTISE RESILIENCE – FOR WOMEN Definition of Resilience: the act of rebounding or springing back; the power of resuming the original shape after compression, bending etc. Many women are familiar with keeping a lot of balls in the … Continued

Elder Years

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Expanding with Love into Our Elder Years Being Visible, Vivacious and Valued in Maturity Post-Christmas and New Year, in the northern hemisphere the season can feel like an anti-climax where the warming love and joie de vivre drain out of … Continued


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MUSINGS ON VARIETY Seed Variety It’s winter here. Ice on the ground and the mountains now have their beautiful snow caps, shining in the sun on clear days. I’ve still got a few vegetables bravely growing in the veg patch … Continued


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Dogs. There are around 900 million of them worldwide as of 2018, according to Google search. Large, small, long nosed, flat nosed, gentle, grumpy, black, white, brown, spotted, furless, prick eared, flat eared, droopy eared, and all variations in between. … Continued