Silver Wealth & Health

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Silver Wealth & Health

Let’s inspire our younger generations to look forward to growing older realising that we are not past our sell by date, that we can have vitality and healthy longevity, that we can thrive through our own endeavours and bring our dreams to fruition. This is part of our role as wise elder women. This is part of the role of our community.

Something we love to explore in The Silver Tent is the ability to positively influence our lives more than we may believe. We can keep the old status quo but imagine stepping outside the ‘norm’ and choosing more empowered options for our future. Many of our Silver ‘Synergy’ members offer courses, workshops, mentorship and retreats to support you in developing all aspects of your life. Whether you want to improve your health and wellbeing, your spirituality and personal growth or explore a new project or business opportunity there is a wealth of options within our community.

Please check the Events hosted by our Silver Synergy members to discover much of what’s on offer.

Here are two specific ways I personally invite you to explore. I’ve done my due diligence (although if you choose to participate I recommend you do yours too).

Frequencies For Health

These strange and challenging times have called us to learn what it means to have autonomy over our health, to trust and rely more on our immune system, and to serve ourselves and those we love beyond ‘big pharma’ and its ‘bottom line’ agendas.

People walk barefoot on the grass to tap in to the grounding energy of the earth. We hug trees to tune into the slower, deeply rooted energy of nature. Hanging out with happy people helps our mood to improve, while hanging out with those who are angry or depressed may result in the opposite. So we know that vibration and frequency impacts us all, whether we’re aware of this or not. They impact us on a physical, mental and emotional level and can also impact us profoundly on the spiritual.

Imagine having your own little store house of frequencies to start your day and access when you feel the need. If this calls you come and join us in our Frequency Resonance Group here in The Silver Tent.

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‘Trading’ For Wealth

The challenges we face around the world have also impacted many on a financial level. Here in the UK with the pension age increasing, many women have lost a number of years of government support. I personally have missed six years of this. When I do receive it it will be nowhere near enough for me to live on. As I have no other resources I’ve started to build my ‘Pension of Plenty’! Doesn’t that sound delicious?

I know online trading in foreign exchange may not sound inspiring. But I am delighted I’ve found a company I’m fully satisfied with, which has given me a consistent return on my investment so far. One thing I love is that the returns are small, and there is no hype about this being ‘a get rich quick scheme’. Obviously there can never be guarantees but if this does play out the way I envision then I shall receive my ‘pension of plenty’ a little further down the line.

If this calls you come and join us in our Silver Forex Adventure group here in The Silver Tent.

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If either of the above sound good to you, know that for everyone who invests, The Silver Tent receives a thank you commission, enabling further development of our site and community and eventually serving the launch of Silver Philanthropy.