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Silver Tent TV & Radio

Heart to heart and soul to soul we offer you wild and wonderful wisdom from wise elder women around the world covering topics from sex and sensuality, money and wealth, health and vitality, youth and ageing, the nature of our world and our reality and so much more.

Exploring what it means to be a woman growing older in our world today we discover that we are a vast untapped resource, valid and valuable with wisdom worth sharing.

Together we are rewriting the myth of the older woman so that we all remember who we truly are, what impact we can still have in our communities (whether that’s our own family, our local community or even the global one), and what role we may play to create a world we’d love to leave to the younger generations. Meet our interviewers and speakers and you will find, just like we have, that this next stage of life can be the very best so far…

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‘The Silver Tent is a rare, authentic, kind and inclusive space.’
Lea Baggett

‘The longing for like-minded connection, to know I’m not alone. For inspiration and positivity even in the face of challenges, thank you’
Diana Clark

‘The Love Circle here recently was fantastic!!’
Tina Neal

‘I‘m here for the diversity of ideas and for the abundance of love, support and generosity. I have already met some gorgeous women through your inspired group.’
Jane Teresa

‘I have taken part in many Zoom circles and events, learned so much, laughed and cried and laughed again. ’
Mary Lunnen

‘I just love the Tent and Silver Synergy, and couldn’t imagine life without it. ’
Joy Shallcross

‘This awesome Silver Tent is like no other place I know of!‘
Maebh O’Leary

‘I’ve been here from very early on. I love the different subjects aired and the support and empathy shown by fellow sisters‘
Melanie Bolland

‘The friendships and support I have found here have changed my world.‘
Rosie Christopherson