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Our Silver Tent September 2018 Newsletter…

september 2018 newsletter


Dear Silver Sister,

Getting older is usually equated with drying out, while we in The Silver Tent are getting juicier by the month! I’ve seen this happening with Silver Tent members recently as they share what they’re experiencing in their lives, both on- and offline. Some of this generates from being in the embrace of our silver community, and some through their own focus on getting the juice out of life. So that’s the focus of the September 2018 Newsletter.

So how come we’re getting juicier? Maybe it’s about the way we lead our lives and the way we harness our mindset. Isn’t it easy to be swayed by the news in papers, on TV or online about being older and what a dismal journey it is? But something is happening and a paradigm shift is occurring which we can see through the advent of magazines such as Goldie or Silver Magazine, all designed beautifully for the over 50s. Movies like the recently released Book Club with Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda are coming out to illustrate the joy we can squeeze out of life if we’re up for it.

So a juicy life can be had if we choose to open up to life rather than close down…. We can change our diet to suit our ageing bodies more effectively, we can discover herbs and spices which enliven our systems, we can start to play more, invest our precious time with like-hearted individuals and we can learn more and do so much more of what we’d always dreamed of doing and being. So it becomes clear that we can extract the juice of life from our environment but it is also very much an inside job.


september 2018 newsletter1. Remember the music you loved to dance to when you were in your teens, twenties and thirties – which was your favourite? Look them up on YouTube and get dancing to them again. Dancing to these songs will remind your body (and mind) of how you felt then, bringing back that vibrant and youthful juicy energy.

2. Choose to look at your world with the eyes and heart of a child. Close your eyes and imagine you have never seen this world before. Open your eyes very very slowly and look at everything you can see as if for the very first time. Find something new about the world around you – a flower, a tree, your dog or cat, your home, the weather, your friends and family.

3. Laugh! Watch some funny old films, read the funniest books, and contact your funniest friends. Laughing exercises so many muscles as well as getting your body to release endorphins which absolutely make you feel juicier.

4. How about investing in some gorgeous underwear – for yourself? Nothing like knowing you have something sexy next to your skin even if you don’t show anyone else.

5. Join a choir, or create your own. Singing is very good for your heart and your nervous system and even if you can’t keep in tune, you’ll be drowned out by the others.

6. Get in touch with the elements… walk outside in sunshine, in rain and even in a storm. It is amazing to feel the power of the weather. Whenever you can, also walk along the beach to hear the ocean, and along rivers to hear the birdlife, and in the country to watch our beautiful animals particularly when lambs, calves, piglets and foals are born.

7. Consider getting a rescue dog if you are alone a lot of the time. Having someone else you have to look after and consider can shift your attention away from yourself, and stroking a pet has phenomenal health benefits.

8. Feed your heart, your soul and your imagination – what does a juicy life mean to you? Choose those aspects which make you smile, and explore ways you can bring them more fully to life for yourself – and don’t take no for an answer.

9. Post in The Silver Tent Facebook group that you’d love to create a meet-up and see what happens. You may be surprised.

So come explore – pop on your wellies and come jump in some puddles with us as soon as you can. Many of our community are exploring the juice of our silvery years with a great sense of childlike enthusiasm and abandon. If we can’t be who are are designed to be now, then when can we? We’ve had many a meet-ups this month – several here in mid Wales, down in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, some in the Midlands. And we look forward to many more in other countries too…

Will you create the next get-together?
september 2018 newsletter


As you know this is the FREE section of The Silver Tent, a wonderfully supportive space to share your stories and receive support. I have recently introduced an online course which is being so well received I have already organised the next one. Embrace Your Wild Wonderful and Wise Elder Self  is a gentle, respectful, inspirational and profound rite of passage to reconnect you with your essential nature, reignite your dreams and remind you of the innate wisdom you have to share. Many women like us, once out on the far side of menopause, find it challenging to remember our value and point in the world. The course addresses this, and the only wisdom you receive is the wisdom of your own heart. I run two session each week to cover all time zones, at a nominal charge.Check it out and sign up if it’s a fit:
september 2018 newsletterAs more of our members are organising get togethers around the UK we expect these to develop more in other countries too. We may have a surprisingly intimate connection online but oh wow this is so much more when you meet in person… it’s not like meeting a neighbour, it’s more like meeting a kindred spirit. So please check out the ‘events’ section in the Facebook Group.


(for Silver Seed and Silver Grove members)

What can I say but ‘Thank you everyone!’ for pouring your heart and soul into this Synergy community. The offerings are extraordinarily diverse and highly valuable, whether they are a free offering or require an investment of money. Many of our beautiful women have started free groups exclusively for other Synergy members to learn about increasing vitality through diet, challenging our perceptions about longevity through perspective and potions, what wisdom our dreams can share with us, living a Sovereign life, developing your business, developing co-housing communities and how to start one without your own capital, exploring your intuitive gifts and so much more. Our facilitators and workshop leaders are offering their wonderful courses and retreats at special Synergy prices, and we have a growing number of travel options, also exclusively for small intimate groups of our Silver Sisters.

But it’s also so much more than this. Our Silver Seed and Silver Grove members are some of the most generous-hearted women I have ever come across and jump in to be of service when required. A couple of weeks ago one of our members called for our help and within a short time had a group of other members congregate around her to offer their intuitive wisdom – what a difference it made. This is conscious co-creative collaboration in action.


Oh yes, we have monthly interactive interviews for Silver Synergy members, too. This means that up to 20 of you get the chance to join me while I chat with authors Lynne McTaggart, Elen Tompkins and Julia Heywood – and you get to ask your own questions:

You don’t need to spend an extra penny to get juice out of synergy but if you can and want to there is so much on offer…

We have our very first ‘chill out and do nothing but enjoy each other’s company’ retreat mid-month here in the UK


You can join my Meet Your Museweekend retreat for aspiring writers at the end of this month here in the magic of mid-Wales:


We even have a special Christmas Retreat for just 6 of our members, in a heavenly place in Turkey, hosted by Silver Seed member Corinne Parry.


We have one space left for someone drawn to the shamanic work of Elen Tompkins on the Grandmother Turtle Retreat, held exclusively in southern France for us from 14 to 21 October 2018.


This is a very special journey in December and is well worth exploring


And we have Silver Tent Radio available to listen here

september 2018 newsletter


To help support the emergence of the wise elder woman even more, I’m offering my  inspirational book on how The Silver Tent emerged.This story will inspire your daughters, grand-daughters and nieces, let alone you and your friends over 50. Let them know that ageing is cool, exciting and worth celebrating as we are valid and valuable, with a great deal to share with the world. Indeed, together we rock!

Order your copy today here:

I am also available to give talks and interviews about how The Silver Tent emerged. Please contact me if you know someone who might like to make a booking.
Looking forward to an even juicier September for us all

Much love

Francesca Cassini

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  1. Lynda Thomas

    I loved the newsletter,crisp & fresh layout refreshing to read
    Thank you Francesca x

  2. Rosie Christopherson

    That was a lovely lushious newsletter Francesca! Bursting with great ideas! So much to participate in. As we move into Autumn I hope the days will offer up more time to explore❤️

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