Running Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously

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Running shouldn’t be taken seriously. I’m a back-of-the-pack runner. What I lack in speed I make up for in stamina. I’m also not afraid to stop and admire the view, especially if it’s somewhere I have not run before.

running10 years ago I ran what I decided would be my last 42km marathon. I remember slowing down to admire a pair of dolphins playing in the river and enthusiastically pointing them out to other runners. Purely focused on the race, they all completely ignored me. It soured the rest of the race for me. Do we really have to take running so seriously?

Turning Point

Looking back I realise this was a turning point for me. For some time my body had been trying to tell me it no longer wanted to do the punishing long distances. My back was sore. My hips were complaining. I also developed abdominal problems that were put down to being menopausal. In the meantime, I continued to run short distances to stay fit and I did a lot of walking. However, I was putting on weight and my abdominal problem worsened. Then I had the crazy idea of not letting all this get the better of me and aged 53 decided I’d run another 42km marathon before my 55th birthday.  My body decided to hell with that and promptly gave me a knee stress fracture shortly after I began training. All the years I ran long distance, this was my first real injury and I was in a leg brace for 6 weeks. I still had the abdominal problem – in fact it was getting worse – until I finally did something about it and in July 2017, I was diagnosed with the Irritable Bowel Disease – Crohn’s.

Stop Running? Hell! No!

Well, this was a new challenge. What was I going to do? I didn’t want to sit around feeling sorry for myself. Was I going to let it stop me running and walking? Hell! No! I was now on medication. I soon discovered what foods triggered my Crohn’s and learned to avoid them completely. Because I was eating sensibly, I began losing weight. In October 2017 feeling fitter than I have for a very long time, I successfully ran a half marathon, 2 months before my 55th birthday.

The challenge continues. I will not let Crohn’s get the better of me and I’m currently training for my next half marathon. Admittedly, it’s not all plain sailing and there are days when the only running I am doing is back and forward to the loo. But then there are the good days when I can comfortably run for two hours or more just for the enjoyment. Taking my time. Stopping to admire the view. I even take photos or do a short video clip. If I see someone I know I will stop for a quick chat. If they were sitting having a coffee I’d probably join them.

If I’ve now tempted you to jog around the block just remember my motto, running shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Love, Jackie


runningJackie Turnbull loves the outdoors and is happiest running, walking and being with her dogs. “I’m having the best time in my 50s. I love being active and I love the volunteer work that keeps me busy during the week. I’m forever grateful to my husband (also a runner) for his constant support throughout my running ups and downs.”


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17 Responses

  1. Jill

    Such an awesome lady. You have such a brilliant way of moving through life.

  2. Eva

    so fun and friendly, Jacqueline – Jackie…. loved this. all power to your feet and appreciating eyes and awesome pictures, words, mission. xxxxxxx

  3. Ellen

    I love this although I don’t run I walk 5k or 7k… did crossfit…. love following your story


    • Jackie

      Thank you Ellen. It’s great to know you love following my story. Walking is good. I love walking. I just love being outdoors. Not a fan of the gym. xx

  4. Jools

    Way to go Jackie! Motivated and inspired to carry on with what you love, a fabulous message.

    • Jackie

      Thank you Jools and thanks your support and brilliant Team Silver suggestion xx

  5. Dawn

    I love this. I have run 5 marathons but stopped running completely when while training for a 1/2 I got a stress fracture in my foot. I used to report back to my running friends a “nature report” of all the cool stuff I saw during training runs and races. I miss all that. It’s been 10 years of no running. Maybe I should start again.

    • Jackie

      I love your idea of a nature report Dawn! I do hope you start running again. I know when I haven’t run for a while and start again it’s like the body remembers what to do and I suddenly realise I am running at the same steady pace I always have. I hope it’s the same for you.

  6. Kay

    The views are the best, I have never run, always walked. Someone once told me, don’t forget to stop and look back. Its one of my favourite pastimes. I look forward to reading your next blog.

    • Jackie

      Don’t forget to stop and look back. I love that Kay and shall remember it xx

  7. Francesca

    What an inspiration you are Jackie and I love the way you don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

    • Jackie

      Thank you Francesca. It just takes someone to say to me, “Well I guess you won’t be running again,” as happened when I got the stress fracture. Someone even told me I should stop running because of my age. It just gives me more incentive to keep going! xx

  8. elaine

    Oh I love this Jackie – you are a runner after my own heart…I love walking and running and at times like to do both at a good pace, but mainly love stopping for views and to marvel over anything from a bug crossing my path to a buzzard flying overhead. x

    • Jackie

      Thank you Elaine. I loved reading your comment. There’s so much to be seen when you make the effort to look around, or even stop when something grabs your attention. I even occasionally run past something, think to myself what was that, turn around and go back. xx

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