Still Life by Lucy Jordan

Raffle tickets may be purchased exclusively by Silver Tent members.
All raffle prizes generously donated by Silver Synergy members of The Silver Tent, total value: over £5000 ($6600).

at 8 pm UK time on Facebook Live by Jeanette Kishori McKenzie

All proceeds from raffle ticket sales go to The Silver Tent Radio and Publishing funds.
Ticket price: £8 or $10. You may purchase as many raffle tickets as you like.

Raffle Prizes will be allocated in the order drawn. We thought to offer the option to choose preferred prizes from this awesome list, but quickly realised that it’s over-complicated, and the Silver Tent is all about Keeping Things Simple!

You may gift your Prize(s) to another, but the winner must contact the Silver Synergy gift donor to make arrangements. You may not sell your Prize.
Jeanette Kishori McKenzie will draw will draw the winning raffle tickets on behalf of Francesca Cassini. 6 January 2018 in a Facebook Live session in The Silver Tent group.

Francesca’s decision is final.

Each raffle winner also receives a 50% discount on Francesca’s new book about The Story of the Silver Tent, due to be published early 2018. The print copies to prize winners will be personally signed by Francesca.
Winner must contact the Silver Synergy gift donor by 31 January 2018 to make arrangements to receive the gift at a mutually convenient time during 2018.

Update 7 January 2018: Ticket sales are now closed, and the raffle drawn. A list of winners can be seen in Files in The Silver Tent closed Facebook group.


The 2017 Christmas Raffle Prizes


Gift No.ContributorGiftValue £Value US$DescriptionWebsite
1Mary LunnenDare to Blossom ‘Step into your Power’ coaching call.£90$120A 60-minute coaching call
2Hilary Stringer‘Time for a Change’ programme: book plus 2 hour-long Skype or Zoom sessions.£108$145A copy of ‘Time for a Change’ life review book (inc p&p) supported by 2 hour-long Skype/Zoom coaching
3Maddy SchaferAbundant Self Creation Coaching Session£225$300This is for you if you’re over banging your head against your own brick walls and you want simple, practical, powerful and effective ways to create the life of your dreams. You know you hold your answers inside and you’re after a mentor and running mate to help you find them, and make them real. Session on Zoom (however long it runs, usually 2-3 hours, recorded)
4Resa FerreraSoulStory session combined with a Resonant Signature£380$500Open to your SoulStory and your Signature Resonance. Pivot on the point of contact with the multiverse, hear your story and its part in the rich tapestry of the multiverse. Embrace your Vital Self with the Signature Resonance unique to you. Via Zoom or Skype 2 one-hour sessions with 3 monthly 30-minute sessions
5Nicla WilliamsTravel Planning Taster for trip to Italy£70$95‘Travel Planning Taster’ and this service offers custom made advice and planning when travelling to undiscovered Italy, tailored to people’s needs and
6Kate GoldPrint of an original Kate Gold painting£25$35An A3-size limited edition of Kate’s most popular print ‘As The Crow Flies’ ( inc P&P)
7Elaine Harrison1-hour PR session£100$140Brain-storming PR ideas to get your message ‘out there’
8Elaine Harrison1-hour Quantum Coaching session£100$140Clarifying where you want to be and being there!
9Elaine Harrison1-hour Intro Author coaching session£100$140Author coaching to kick-start a project, or to get past a block, calling on Elaine’s lifetime of writing and publishing
10Detta DarnellSoul Spirit Journey into Self session (runes, archetypes, goddess meditation), recorded to keep forever£75$100Soul Spirit Journey 11/2 – 2 hours via Skype.  A deep but gentle look into your psyche – archetypes, shadows, challenges, shadow side, what’s waiting to be born, what is the gift. Plus a Goddess card guided meditation for your
11Debra Sofia MagdaleneHealth & Wellness Coaching£147$19990-minute online coaching session to identify top goals, look at which essential oils and natural alternatives support your journey, and create an implementation plan. The session can focus on physical, emotional and spiritual goals.Facebook
12Patricia Rivera (offering 2)Theta Healing Session (1st session offered)£95$130Identify which key beliefs are holding a physical or emotional issue in place. When a fundamental belief is transformed, the beliefs stacked above it will automatically change, freeing you from limiting patterns without the need to relive past traumas. 1.30 hr
13Patricia RiveraTheta Healing Session (2nd session offered)£95$130Identify which key beliefs are holding a physical or emotional issue in place. When a fundamental belief is transformed, the beliefs stacked above it will automatically change, freeing you from limiting patterns without the need to relive past traumas. 1.30 hr
14Nikki-Marianna Hope1 hour consultation from Shamanic or Flower Essence perspective (with a tailor made essence bottle posted to the person)£360$490Two 60 – 90 minute Zoom, Skype or phone consultations to achieve a ‘target’ the winner has experienced difficulty achieving. An initial chat / consultation which may include Shamanic work and or Flower and Vibrational Essences will be followed up with a 60 – 90 minute consultation 10 days later to tidy up any relevant issues that have surfaced during the intervening 10 days. Includes ongoing phone or online support as the need arises during the 10 days and for another 10 days after the second
15Gudrun RatzA moonstone with copper wire wrapped Pendant£60$80A hand-made original creation by
16Tamara AlferoffOne hour Zoom session on Waking Dream Work (working with a sleep dream)£75$100One hour facilitated Zoom session using Waking Dream Work (working with a sleep dream) to fathom why there are certain elements in your dream and what messages they may be bringing. Recorded for
17Tamara Alferoff1-hour Zoom session on the Work of Byron Katie on any thought, situation or relationship that causes you stress – currrent, past or future£75$100One hour facilitated Zoom session using the Work of Byron Katie on any thought, situation or relationship that causes you stress – currrent, past or future – to find freedom. Recorded for
18Kay SheltonMandala Reading session£75$1001-hour session recorded on Zoom so it can be reviewed at your leisure. You will receive your original personalised art work and psychic reading channeled from your heart energyMandalaReadingsChannelledForYou
19Reshmi Sha’uri Ha’nah PurmarEmpathic Psychic session to help you gain clarity in life£90$120Hone into any root cause of ‘stuckness’, receive guidance how to overcome it, or receive healing from source – clear blocks from the
20Kay NewtonStress Busting consultation session£90$120Tips and guidance to harness stress for good not harm in your life. Steps you can take today to bust stress for immediate relief. 1-hour skype session.
21Jeanette Kishori McKenzieLiving From the Quantum Heart, 1 to 1 session plus prep session£300$400121 Life Mastery session plus a 20-30 minute initial inquiry preparatory session. To explore whatever the recipient chooses. For example: Who am I? Quantum selection. Integrating shadow. Cellular communication
22Karen KennabyBreakthrough Life Coaching Session£200$2701-hour Skype or Zoom clarity session to get a breakthrough in an area of life that is concerning you (and keeps going round and round in your head). Start 2018 with clarity and
23Carol LeeFood Focus  Clarity Session£65$90A Food Focus Clarity Call will include: 1x 75 min session in person, on the phone or via Skype to focus on the next best step for you food-wise. More details here >
24Martine Metaxas (offering 2)Dream Igniter Clarity Intensive with Martine Metaxas – Midlife Liberation Coach (1st session offered)£150$19790 min 1:1 Mini Intensive Session to re-charge your life, launch your dreams and unleash your desires for
25Martine MetaxasDream Igniter Clarity Intensive with Martine Metaxas – Midlife Liberation Coach (2nd session offered)£150$19790 min 1:1 Mini Intensive Session to re-charge your life, launch your dreams and unleash your desires for
26Dee TwentymanPain Management Hypnosis Session£90$120Introduction to the mind and body connection to chronic pain and why hypnosis
27Dee TwentymanSurviving to Thriving Session£95$130Opening session of Surviving to Thriving explains the inter-connection of the triad of control, social anxiety, and self esteem.. that can  help or hinder us. This session is to kick start your journey towards Thriving rather than simply
28Cassandra Eve60-minute in-depth Astrology Consultation on Skype or Zoom£75$100A deep dive into your unique energetic template, with focus on your life rhythms and creative possibilities for 2018. Particular focus on the Divine Feminine energies, includes MP3
29Sharon Eden90-minute Zoom session on Sourcing your Beautiful and Bodacious Self, for women who desire a super-charge£150$20090 minute Zoom session on Sourcing your Beautiful and Bodacious Self for women who desire a super-charge.Using an holistic approach, creating an opportunity to enhance or re-connect with your organic wisdom, feminine power and
30Marilyn MoesGrief Counselling£85$100Tips session for anyone who has lost a child or parent. 1-hour Heart care chat via Skype
31Sandy B SimmonsAn Inspirit Energy 1:2:1 Connection session via Zoom, 60 to 90 mins£120$160Inspirit 1:2:1 Connection for 60-90 minutes to move beyond anywhere you’ve been before. Reflect, reclaim,
32Diane KutzIntuitive Healing and Meditation, 60-minute Skype session£75$100A 60 minute zoom / skype Intuitive Healing Session with Diane Kutz. This is for you, wherever you are within yourself. I will tune in, and then, work with you on whatever comes up. Tools I use include sound (voice, drum, flute, rattle, gong, tuning forks) and whatever else is appropriate in that
33Jane ShermanGet Walking Challenge: 40-day x 40 minute walking challenge£75$1002 personal Skype or Zoom sessions at either end, or 1 at the start and one in the middle, of a 40-day x 40 minute walking challenge. Change your life and your body shape, plus email and video support, and a certificate at the
34Christine MillerCreative Visioning session £90 $1201-hour Skype or Zoom session: to ignite your inner genius and inspiration
35Christine MillerResourceful State discovery session £90 $1201-hour Skype or Zoom session – creating your unique inner space to manage the more challenging times in your life without overwhelm.
36Liz SchneiderClarify Your Vision Website Assessment£225$297Review and actionable site structure recommendations for good flow and visitor experience; expressing your unique offering effectively; creating emotional connection with ideal clients; relevant visual impact
37Siobhan A RiordanAn original piece of hand-made pottery£65$90Creation of a unique piece of pottery for you; includes a half-hour consultation to inspire the perfect piece for you.Instagram
38Claire HayesTapping session£150$2001-hour EFT tapping
39Lucy JordanAn original painting, (see featured image)£50$70Acrylic and soft pastel on paper, 24.5 x 24.5 cm, inc P&P to
40Lucy JordanAnimal Communication Session£80$110Intuitive communication with an animal close to your heartanimalchatz
41Donna Clarissa BassHandmade necklace (number 1)£50$
42Donna Clarissa BassHandmade necklace (2nd Necklace)£50$65This composite Ruby in Zoisite Stone Donut is woven into a web of yellow green and cobalt blue matte seed beads.  A truly unusual design and surely to catch your eye whenever you catch the real reflection of you.  The meaning of ruby in zoisite: Ruby in Zoisite offers the energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth. It stimulates the heart and helps one to open to divine love. Zoisite helps to alleviate grief, anger, despair and defeat, and it is a powerful stone for deep healing by activating the body’s defences and healing mechanisms. Approximately 20”
43Shan ReesFemale Fulfillment Coaching session£90$120Explore and develop deep honouring, acceptance and love of self, may be to reach a particular goal. 45
44Jenni P Parker Brown7 Days To Financial Peace: ebook and coaching£300$400A juicy little gem to get 2018 off to a good start. eBook delivered by email in PDF format, supported by a 30-minute online private coaching session to clear abundance
45Ingrid CollinsSoul Therapy Session£105$1401 hour FaceTime session of Soul Therapy, a blend of psychotherapy, spiritual healing, plus advice on energy techniques for self-help. More details on
46Coral BellWisdom Seeker Masterclass£150$198Hour-long session, workbook and meditation to assist you in rekindling, remembering and rediscovering your own inner
47Dr Tanya EnglishMoney Shadows Session£190$260An hour clearing the old ideas, concepts and sticky-icky things that keep you from the abundance that is yours by Divinity! Your life is meant to shine and you know it in your “knower”! It doesn’t have to be a subsistence existence. Your life is meant to be a kaleidoscope of colours and amazing glorious love, abundance and joy. So let’s get that money moving!Dr Tanya English
48Jo BerryConflict Coaching Package£180$250Two sessions of conflict coaching for one person, each one hour and fifteen minutes long, to look at any unresolved conflict, learn strategies to transform it and experience the
49Sandra GilfillanConnect and Flourish Session£90$120One hour dedicated to what you desire: can be Coaching, Spiritual Counselling, Proof Reading,


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