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newsletter november 2018

The first Silver Tent residential get-together: The 0-Thing Weekend in Yorkshire, UK, organised by Kay Newton. Photo: Stephen Garnett Photography



Dear Silver Sister,

A big fanfare as The Silver Tent is now two years old, having had her official birthday on October 4th, and we have tipped the 6000-member mark in the free group! Imagine – this time two years ago we had only about 30 members. And now it is a thriving, engaging, service-oriented global community, with some of our members saying it is the best group on Facebook – or maybe ever. So a big thank you for the energy you bring because I am sure by now you know I believe that we are all ‘unique stitches in the cardigan of life’.

Whoever said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was way off the mark. I, for one, have experienced a number of ‘firsts’ recently, and I know many of you are gearing up for some yourselves… Kay Westmorland is creating our first Silver Tent Adventure Club Weekend soon, where she’ll take a small group of us flying and we get the chance to take control of the little plane! Jacqueline Turnbull in Australia was invited to talk about the therapy dog organisation she volunteers with, and share the value of their work in relation to mental health. Joanna Rawbone is delivering her first webinar on Finding Your Introvert Superpower which sounds brilliant. Our emerging passions are sparkling crystals of beauty and power don’t you think?


I gave my first ever after-dinner talk at the Welsh GP Conference in September. Give me a radio microphone and I’ll talk for England, and likewise for a video screen, but this was my first outing to give a live talk in public and I was nervous. But once I started sharing my story of how The Silver Tent evolved, and wove in the idea that menopause is a rite of passage and not an illness with symptoms to be damped down by medication, I was in my element. And at least one GP told me she’d think differently next time she has a menopause ‘sufferer’ in front of her. What a powerful message to share.

We had the first residential get-together at the Silver Tent 0-Thing Weekend  (pictured above) in North Yorkshire, organised and orchestrated so perfectly by Kay Newton. She brought us to a very special and beautifully wild location where we loved every moment of getting to know each other better in a relaxed and chilled-out environment, with delicious meals and special treats.

This is what Beverley (with 3 E’s) Thornton had to say:
0-Thing organised by Kay Newton on behalf of The Silver Tent was a rich and lively weekend in the company of juicy, inspiring and talented women, which offered food for the body, mind and spirit. A co-creation of organic loveliness. Highly recommended.



Thanks to great PR support from Elaine Harrison we’ve had a series of articles in a number of UK-based magazines, including Spirit and Destiny, Kindred Spirit, AEVA– which is the new name for She Who Knows Magazine, and the most recent in the new Goldie Magazine. Each one sharing another aspect of The Silver Tent, how it emerged and what value it offers us wild, wonderful and wise women over 50. If you know of any other magazines or media around the world which would like to feature The Silver Tent please let us know.

I always knew that this community has a twofold reason for being – the first where we recognise our own unique wisdom, which is happening more frequently and is awe-inspiring to witness, and the second where we take this wisdom and share it in the greater community. This next phase is just birthing – so hang on in there and join in if you feel drawn to do so.

Each one of us has a story worth sharing, even if you don’t (yet) think so. Our lives can and will inspire others. So expect new books and courses to be published and developed by the first group to come to my Meet Your Museweekend retreat in Wales. Yet another first for me and I was so thrilled by what transpired. I am constantly blown away by what I learn about those members I get the privilege to spend time with… their courage, their tenacity, the choices each of us makes…

newsletter november 2018

Meet Your Muse Retreat

Developed from my first online Meet Your Muse course, the first weekend retreat in the heart of Wales was a great success with many happy smiles (pictured above), which have inspired me to do more courses and retreats.

The multi-talented Siobhan A Riordan did the catering for our Meet Your Muse Retreat, a first for her, and it was AMAZING – and she managed to include plenty of nutritional tips from Carol Lee and her sugar-free wisdom.


Grandmother Turtle Retreat

ANOTHER inspirational first was our Grandmother Turtle Retreat facilitated by the wonderful Elen Tompkins, author of Silver Wheel the Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Bookand created exclusively for our Silver Synergy members, the paid membership part of The Silver Tent. The retreat was held in Cathar Country in south western France, where we were looked after by Hilary Stringer and her delicious partner Julian. What a special environment for such a shamanic adventure.

We climbed Montsegur to complete our experience – unforgettable!



And if for any reason you think that you can’t create what you’d love, that you don’t have the resources or the wisdom although you have the passion then please read my book Together We Rock!which is now also available through Amazon as a Kindle (Click hereto buy through our website, paperback or ebook).

If you don’t already know, I created The Silver Tent from nothing, without any resources except the most powerful ones of imagination and intuition and a good dose of stubborn-mindedness. If I can follow my heart to create something with such impact then so can you follow the whispers of your heart.


newsletter november 2018


To help support the emergence of the wise elder woman even more, I’m offering my  inspirational book on how The Silver Tent was founded.

This story will inspire your daughters, grand-daughters and nieces, let alone you and your friends over 50. Let them know that ageing is cool, exciting and worth celebrating as we are valid and valuable, with a great deal to share with the world. Indeed, together we rock!

Order your copy in paperback or ebook today from our website: https://thesilvertent.com/books/

I am also available to give talks and interviews about how The Silver Tent emerged, and book signings. Please contact me if you know someone who might like to make a booking.



Why not kick start your 2019 with my THE EMBRACE YOUR WILD, WONDERFUL AND WISE ELDER SELF 6 week online course? It is a gentle, respectful, inspirational and profound rite of passage to re-connect you with your essential nature, re-ignite your dreams and remind you of the innate wisdom you have to share. It is proving very popular.  Available to both The Silver Tent and Silver Synergy members.

As Jools L Williams says: “This course shines so much light on our inner essence and hearts desire. Expect the unexpected, go with your intuition, tap into deep down wisdom and strengths. Enjoy!

Registration is open now:




This is the residential RETREAT version of my 6 week online course Embrace Your Wild, Wonderful and Wise Elder Self (detailed above), held in Llangurig, in the heart of Wales on 25-29 January 2019.

A deep honouring of the woman you have been as well as the woman you are becoming… and I will be honoured to be your guide. The retreat is a gentle, respectful, inspirational and profound rite of passage to re-connect you with your essential nature, re-ignite your dreams and remind you of the innate wisdom you have to share. Many women like us, once out the far side of menopause, find it challenging to remember our value and point in the world. If children have left home, if long term relationships have ended or feel stale, if work isn’t as compelling as it used to be sometimes we can lose sight of how we identify ourselves…leading us to feel lost, adrift and even depressed. As women age we may feel less visible and with this apparent ‘dwindling’ we may find this next phase of our lives daunting and troublesome…

Available for Silver Tent and Silver Synergy Members, further details in the link below



Details of the retreat HERE



We even have a special Christmas Retreat for just 6 of our members, in a heavenly place in Turkey, hosted by Silver Seed member Corinne Parry. https://www.facebook.com/events/208100683235893/



This is a very special journey in December organised by Lyn Carranza for Silver Synergy members, and is well worth exploring https://www.facebook.com/events/1758303970931656/



Have you listened to the Silver Tent Radio shows? A wide range of inspiration, interviews and entertainment from our hosts in Silver Synergy



Our Silver Synergy hosts are now also launching Silver Tent TV, which will be developed more over the coming year. Click to subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE


You are an exceptional woman – valid and valuable with wisdom worth sharing. 


If you could truly create something from nothing… what would it be?


Wishing you some great nuggets of inspiration

Much love


On a wild Welsh hillside 


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