A Silver Summer of Love

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Our Silver Tent Newsletter July 2018…

newsletter july 2018

Silver Tent Newsletter 28 July 2018

Dear Silver Sister,

Have you seen the changes going on in The Silver Tent? What a learning curve to hold the space for close to 6000 women in the free group and experience the emergence of my vision in the sister group Silver Synergy which is for our paying members.

It is way more than I ever expected. I knew it was going to be the space for each of us to emerge as silver butterflies from the chrysalis of menopause but I never anticipated the depth of intimacy which would result and the extraordinary free sharing of wisdom so we can all learn from each other about such diverse subjects as astrology, shamanism, writing, painting, the goddesses, tantra, dreams, magick, relationships and so much more.

Initially it looked as if the Silver Synergy group was particularly for coaches, facilitators, therapists, workshop leaders and the like, but I am so happy that is clearly no longer the case. We have members who thought they had nothing worth sharing discovering they have wisdom in abundance they didn’t recognise, but everyone else does. The bubbling up of joy is delicious.

You can read much of this on our new Silverbloggers page on the website:

And now something extra brilliant has happened.

Siobhan A Riordan, after eight months of searching, has moved all the way from Liverpool to the wilds of mid -Wales, to an ancient witches’ village no less, so we can work and play together and create our Silver Co-housing Community. We’re living this as it germinates, and discovering what it means to live closely when we’re both set in our ways.

And now many silver sisters are being drawn to visit, and a whole new energy has emerged, with The Silver Tent flying on the wings of this momentum. We are learning what it is like to live consciously, co-creatively and collaboratively – the underpinning ethos of The Silver Tent. And this is bringing deeper layers of love into our lives in so many different ways.

I want to shout this from the rooftops! I want everyone to shout this from the rooftops. We are creating a movement of silver women around the world being and becoming who we were always meant to me, re-discovering we are valid and valuable with wisdom worth sharing.

Please come and join us in the Silver Synergy group. Come and participate in this growing energy and be part of something where you never need feel separate again. If you’re already a member but not squeezing the juice yet please come in and explore as it develops day by day.

This is an investment in your future, creating it consciously rather than leaving it to fate, with a supportive community to encourage you.

Dip a toe in the water with a monthly investment of $10.99 per month (equivalent to approx £7.50)
Or go in to the waist at an annual rate of $97.00 (roughly £70)
Or leap right in with the two-year option of $158 (roughly £60 per year)

And did you know we have Silver Tent Radio available to listen here:

I look forward to welcoming you to our sizzling Synergy sisterhood and seeing how we can serve you to be the best you can be.

newsletter july 2018


To help support the emergence of the wise elder woman even more, I’m offering my  inspirational book on how The Silver Tent emerged.This story will inspire your daughters, grand-daughters and nieces, let alone you and your friends over 50. Let them know that ageing is cool, exciting and worth celebrating as we are valid and valuable, with a great deal to share with the world. Indeed, together we rock!

Order your copy today here: https://thesilvertent.com/books/

Elen Tompkins’ Grandmother Turtle Retreat

When you read the free chapter on our website book page you’ll read about Elen Tompkins and her extraordinary world which contributed to me establishing The Silver Tent. If you resonate with this we still have three places available on the Grandmother Turtle Retreat she is running exclusively for our Silver Synergy members in southern France from 14 to 21 October 2018. The price is £1350.00. Since this retreat is exclusively for our Silver Synergy members, you’ll need to be at least a Silver Seed member to join us… but it will be well worth it (https://thesilvertent.com/membership/)

Many thanks for reading all the way to the end you wild, wonderful and wise elder woman!
Much love Francesca
Francesca Cassini

Under a full moon, on a wild Welsh hillside
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