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Silver Tent Newsletter December 2017

Dear Silver Sister,


You are part of one of the most exciting projects on the planet today!

Forgive me if that sounds grandiose for what has started out as a Facebook group, but we are so much more than that.

Only a little over a year old, The Silver Tent Facebook group has passed the 3800 member mark and is growing steadily day by day… with an extraordinarily high level of engagement in the most wonderful of conversations. We’re sharing our passions, our pain, our vulnerabilities, our strengths and we’re growing as individuals and as a community week by week.

By reaching out we’re opening our hearts, learning from each other, weaving our wisdom together and creating the most extraordinary space of sisterhood.

It is the most freeing experience to discover that we no longer feel the need to compete with each other. Instead we’re exploring this silver world built on the organic foundation of conscious co-creative collaboration.

nesletter december 2017


We’re launching The Silver Tent 2018 Calendar… a very beautiful A4 wall calendar filled with images created by twelve of our extremely talented Silver Synergy members.

This makes a fantastic gift to yourself as well as to your friends and family, with every single penny or cent of profit going back in to The Silver Tent.

Each artist has donated their image as well as a sum of money towards the printing costs (stunningly done by another of our members, graphic designer Patricia Rivera). And Vanessa Squire and Elaine Harrison have contributed all the leg work, as well as coming up with the suggestion in the most amazing way.

Order your calendar through our website here: Calendar while stocks last.

When you receive your calendar please post a photo in the Silver Tent Facebook group, of you with a page that grabs your attention.


Silver Tent Radio is now live in its initial incarnation.

Our hosts are offering short shows on a variety of fascinating subjects and inspirational interviews. This ripples our silver wisdom beyond the confines of our community and out in to the world at large.

Listen here…


newsletter december 2017Silver Tent Publishing is launching very shortly with The Story of The Silver Tent (working title) as its first publication.


We’re in the process of developing some stunning retreats for next year.


The Silver Tent website is at last under development, having been dormant for a few months. So watch this space as we roll out our:

Silver Sofas

where you can find places to stay all around the world with members of The Silver Tent

Wisdom Hub

A space where you can find our gifted facilitators offering a wide range of online courses, workshops, retreats as well as individual one-to-one trainings and services.

Silver Spa

Here you’ll find guided meditations by our Silver Synergy members to help you relax, recharge, rejuvenate and much more.


The Silver Tent Ltd will become a Social Enterprise. And once we pass that necessary point of sustainability we can play with the profit.

Each quarter we’ll offer a $3000 bursary to one member to do something for themselves which fills them with joy. Each submission will be posted for members to ‘like’, and the one with the most likes receives the money.


newsletter december 2017
Francesca Cassini

We’ll create a Philanthropic Foundation where our profits will be channelled to support projects created by members of The Silver Tent community to bring life-enhancing ideas to the world. Perhaps you’ve always had a passion to build an orphanage, or sanctuary, or respite centre. Perhaps you’ve had an idea for an ethical business, a life-saving piece of technology or a way of getting free energy to the elderly.

Not only will the chosen projects receive funding, they will also receive support in the way of mentorship and business skills to make sure this successfully makes the journey from imagination to reality.

The Silver Tent has been built during the last year from zero, with no financial investment, and therefore has no shareholders to satisfy. It is a new breed of enterprise based on the flow of the feminine, rather than an adherence to mainstream masculine structures. It relies totally on your membership fees, your purchases and your donations. Of course if you can suggest a potential sponsor or philanthropist who might be interested in contributing to our funding, please let me know!

To learn more and to join our community if it resonates click here: Community

Wishing you the most magickal of months ahead

Love from Francesca

Francesca Cassini
On a wild Welsh hillside

December 2017

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3 Responses

  1. Win Fiandaca

    Hello Francesca, Our Crones Counsel is holding its 27th annual gathering in Tucson. Sep 2019. 130-150 women. Is it possible for me to contact Arizona, specifically Tucson, Silver Tenters online? I would love to have a Silver Tent Rep at our gathering. And of course a silver tent! Win Fiandaca

  2. Donna Davis a.k.a. The Menopause Fairy

    Hello! What a wonderful community you have here! I so look forward to participating and getting to know everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

  3. Francesca Fantacci

    Thank you for your ‘vision’ to create this group as now the momentum keeps it evolving, it seems to me! I hope to contribute more as my life stabilizes in the coming months. thank you!

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