The Silver Tent is a global space where women over 50 are discovering this to be the most meaningful, powerful and celebratory time of our lives. We have a grand vision to gather a membership of at least 1 million wild, wonderful and wise women in a community to create profound change in our world.

membershipIn this safe space we re-ignite our deepest dreams and recognise our wisdom, receive support from our Silver Sisters and become a force of nature in the world.

How do we deliver this? Through on- and offline events, coaching, mentoring and healing, luscious retreats and workshops, as well as Silver Circle meet-ups, both virtual and in person.

We’ll share our voices and stories with the wider community in whatever way is most meaningful for each of us, including Silver Tent Radio and TV. We are launching launch Silver Tent Publishing, and as we grow we’ll have a  magazine and a series of ‘Silver Tent Wisdom’ books. We will also support our favourite humanitarian and life-affirming causes through crowdfunding and crowd action. We have already started to collaborate with Shamanic Lands and TreeSisters.

“I’ve felt so alone and isolated – I’ve told other women friends that I feel the Silver Tent has been and is my lifeline. I appreciate you all, your stories, your wisdom and courage on this beautiful forum. A doctor couldn’t prescribe anything better than this.”

Diane Griffith, USA


Membership Options

membershipWe’re excited to offer you a vibrantly warm and inclusive welcome. Whichever membership option you choose, we’ll celebrate birthdays, successes and milestones, encourage our adventures, support each other through our challenges and share our wisdom. We’ve created a safe space where we can express ourselves, from our darkest fears to our highest visions. We find and offer empowering support. Join us and you’ll be part of a vibrant community of women exploring our innate wise elder wisdom, becoming part of a movement to change the paradigm about older women, and inspire younger generations.


How To Participate in the Silver Tent community

Option 1: Join the Closed Silver Tent Facebook Group as a Silver Sister

membershipThis is a great way to test the waters and determine whether the Silver Tent is for you. You can follow the conversations, add comments, start discussions, see the profiles of fellow members and participate for free in online Zoom events and physical meet-ups. If you really like the group and want more, then take the next step…


silver tent membership

Option 2:  Invest in joining the Silver Tent as a Silver Seed member

The Silver Tent is a fast growing community that has big plans for the future.  To make those plans a reality we rely on the membership funding of those women called to step into a closer network and really make things happen.  We also need resources to run the website and the online communities.  Your membership contributions make a big difference to our work.

“The Silver Tent. A magical place for women over 50 to use the Internet to connect. Free on Facebook, access to over 6,000 women across the world that I joined in February this year. It’s only just July and I’ve been to Chester, Macclesfield, Denbigh, Warrington and soon I’m off up to the East Coast. All to meet up in person with various women arising from connections in the Tent”.

“Soon after joining the Tent, I joined Silver Synergy as a Silver Seed, where an absolute plethora of professional and experienced women are making things happen. Courses and offers on creativity, writing, painting, spirituality, business development, astrology, assertiveness, sovereignty and so much more available – there’s even a Shamanic element. Silver Tent Radio offers interviews with dynamic and interesting people about their experiences, and there are plans to have a Silver Tent TV channel.”

“Through these connections, and the generosity and skills of these fantastic women, I’ve kick-started my dormant creativity, I have started painting and writing poetry. And I’ve made friends, true friends, women I would never have come across were it not for this Silver Sisterhood, this Silver Tribe. These women have been there with me when I’ve laughed, cried, been overjoyed, angry or worried, celebrating and creating.

“None of this would have happened without the amazing vision of one woman who set up this movement. For a movement it is. It’s a force, a force of nature. Who said an army of silver haired women will take over the world? I think it was Gloria Steinem: she must have had Francesca Cassini in mind. And her Silver Sisters.”

Jools L Williams


Access more benefits and services. We have a closed group for paying members called Silver Synergy with a wide variety of support and activities on offer internationally:

  • Regular Zoom sessions to support each other, share your wisdom, ask for help, develop your own genius ideas – whatever you can think of, it has probably been offered in Synergy!
  • Test bed for new ideas –  got something you want to try in a safe space?  Synergy is the perfect place to make that happen
  • Silver Synergy Business Buddies – a support group for sisters with businesses or self employed or with a project idea you want to get started
  • Want to explore your own creativity or find out what makes you uniquely you?  Francesca offers regular events for the Synergy group sharing her vision and supporting yours.
  • Healing Circles – regular on-line events bringing all the healers in our circle together to support each other and the whole Silver Tent community
  • Inspirational videos – a whole library of Facebook Lives and other content from our members for you to browse through and enjoy
  • Fancy writing a blog – Silverbloggers is open to our Seed members
  • Silver Marquee – our bazaar where Silver Seed members can offer their products, services and creativity for sale to the general public
  • Want to spend more time getting to know other Seed Members?  Try one of the exclusive retreats on offer in the UK, Europe and beyond

Our members tell us that they are accessing thousands of £ or $ worth of support here in Synergy for the very small contribution that they make monthly or annually.

But as you will find out, the real benefit of membership is just being there, surrounded by a level of feminine wisdom you have not experienced before.  If you’ve enjoyed the Silver Tent facebook group, we know you will love Silver Synergy

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US$ $10.99 per month or $97 per year

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Special Offer for 2-Year Silver Seed Membership: $158


Francesca Cassini, Founder

Francesca is an inspirational storyteller using real-life stories to illustrate that when you follow your heart come what may, you tap in to the collaborative essence of nature, and nothing is impossible. She does this by challenging herself, producing personal stories through writing and video, sharing other people’s inspirational stories and writing visionary fiction.

An intuitive mentor for over 20 years, she has also published The Changing Times magazine, edited Conscious Traveller magazine, and was a founder member of a Conscious Living social network. Her first novel uses the theme of ‘love being the vital force which brings our imagination to life’ and is the first in a trilogy on the resurrection of the feminine.  She writes and produces video diaries, is compiling a book filled with inspiring journeys from the head to the heart, and is the founder of The Silver Tent community. She believes that our elder women are a powerful untapped resource and when we recognise our wisdom and work together we can change the world.

About her name she says, “People often ask me about my name. How did I end up being called Francesca Cassini without an ounce of Italian blood? The story is my paternal grandfather, as a Jew, walked out of Russia during the pogroms and made his way on foot to Italy. ‘You can’t sing opera with a name like Cassinsky’, said Caruso, after teaching him to sing. So my grandfather changed his name to Cassini, promptly came to England and sang on the vaudeville stage instead.”


“Men cannot stop the Third World War. It is not in their cells. But women can. A man can love a child, but he doesn’t go through the labour pain. The solutions on this Earth are not in the hands of men. The solutions on this Earth are in the hands of the woman, in the psyche of the woman.”

Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan



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