About me

I became a certified Mindfulness and Life Coach following 35 years of classroom teaching experience. Initially, I gravitated to these areas of training whilst personally experiencing an ‘unravelling’ of self, following unexpected life-changing events. I evolved this learning to become both teacher and student of personal and spiritual growth, and experienced paradigm shifts in thinking.

The year I turned 60 I realised that all my life I had sought to meet people’s approval. An unachievable attempt to feel love and belonging. The result of my efforts was adrenal fatigue, depression, and deep-seated loneliness. I had an ambulance trip to the hospital, with symptoms of a heart attack as my first wake up call.

To reconnect with the authentic ‘Trish’ required a walking away from perceived securities in life that I had learned to need in my growing years. It has been both agonising and liberating.  But the investment of time, health practitioners and personal/spiritual learning has been paramount to be restored to wholeness; body, mind and soul.


What if … we experience life as possibilities, opportunities and adventures?

“A ship in harbour is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” John A. Shedd.

I’ve discovered life is a combination of calm sailing, turbulent waters – and sometimes an unexpected Tsunami hit, leaving in it’s wake the battered remains of what felt ‘normal’, yesterday. But, what an adventure!

In life, we can choose to remain close to perceived safety and comfort of home shores … or pull up anchor, raise the sails and with a hearty ‘yes!’ take the helm. When a storm throws us off course, onto rocks, we can wallow in despair as our life feels ship wrecked … or rebuild and navigate into new waters. The choice is always ours

How we can work together

As your life coach, I will help to equip your toolbox with tools that will allow you to live your life, taking your rightful role as captain of your journey.

You can create a positive ripple effect, with a life choice you make today


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