Tarot Readings with Rosie Christopherson

I am pleased to offer guided Tarot sessions for Silver Tent members and also for referred friends .

Tarot has been an inspiring part of my life for over 40 years, starting with the gift of a tarot deck as a teenager.  My quest for tarot knowledge led me to a Diploma of Esoteric Studies.  The wisdom I studied combines symbology, numerology and astrology.

We will spend 1.5 to 2 hours together guided by the wisdom of the ancient tarot.  Each reading is unique, allowing us to truly feel the message from our heart.  The tarot helps us to listen to our heart and follow our true karmic pathway.

We will have a relaxed time together connecting with the tarot, using Zoom video software (free and easily downloaded)

I usually do readings in the morning but we can arrange other times to suit you.  As I only do three readings a week, there may be a waiting list. Prior to your reading, I will contact you with the Zoom and PayPal info.

Picture of Rosie Christopherson Tarot reader

The fee of 35 euros is paid via PayPal with a tithe of 5 euros each reading going to Silver Village (an affordable Cohousing project for Elder women).

After the session

You are welcome to record your session and I will also send photographs of the spread afterwards.  If, after reading this, you are interested to speak with me a little more about the sessions, please feel free to contact me.



Please get in touch at rosiechristopherson@gmail.com.  I am looking forward to sharing your journey.

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