FREE YOUR INNER SPARK! by Suzi Joy Lever, Sound Therapist

I’m a playful Voice and Sound therapist helping you find your authentic voice and more colour in your life.

I offer one-to-one individual or in-depth sessions in person or online, as well as running groups and individually woven ceremonies.

My Journey

I fully realised my purpose only in 1992 when I was 40 years old and discovered my own creativity. 40 original songs flooded suzi lever sound therapistout of me and I recorded a musical autobiography, Beyond the Wall. As a result, I began to run workshops to share with others my enthusiasm for the healing power of sound.

Since then I have composed countless chants and songs. My recordings include Lighten Up and a performance video on YouTube, Miracle of Life.

I was one of a small group of pioneering Sound Healers in Europe and UK.  Since 1994 I have been running Voice and Sound Healing workshops across Europe, including organising courses for Jonathan Goldman, American Sound Healing Pioneer and Master.

The media, including the Daily Mail, TV, Health and Fitness and various Yoga magazines have featured my work widely.

Testimonials: Suzi Joy Lever, Voice And Sound Therapist

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Suzi as her approach is one of such freedom and depth that one cannot help but be left with a feeling of being healed. Suzi’s openness to ‘allow’ facilitated the delivery of profound energies, which were for me to last for days following the session of her sound healing.” Clair-J

“To describe Suzi’s approach I use the analogy of a fear of water. Rather than being asked to plunge head-long into something scary, it was as if a kind and gentle stranger took me by the hand and said ‘I’m going for a paddle in the sea – would you like to come with me and watch?’ … ‘Would you like to put your toe in the water? … It feels really nice… only come if it feels ok for you’.” Margot

How it Works

Each session is custom-made for your own needs and could include:suzi lever sound therapist

  • developing your vocal range
  • increasing your self-confidence in vocal expression
  • identifying blocks that are holding you back in life and ways to release them
  • giving voice to your purpose in life
  • help with making life choices
  • self-healing with sound
  • receiving sound healing

All sessions show clear practical techniques to use on your own.

I hold the sessions on Skype or Zoom.

Come and explore the Power of YOUR TRUE VOICE!

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suzi lever sound therapist

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