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I invite you to join me on a 6-week journey, YOUR sugar-free journey where I support you to…‘Nourish Yourself to Sugar Freedom’

As a recovering sugar and processed carbohydrate-aholic and Nutritional Therapist I know just how hard it is to crack the sugar habit. But I did, and I went on to:

  • Feel full of energy all day long with no slumps
  • Lose my excess weight naturally and effortlessly
  • Feel more clarity and creativity than ever before
  • Minimise any effects of the menopause
  • Heal my anxiety
About the Nourish Yourself to Sugar Freedom Course

Perhaps you feel out of control with the amount of sugary food you are eating?

Do you feel that you can go from one sugary treat to the next and maybe even forgo meals because of it?

Perhaps, like I did, you feel ashamed of how you eat and have become a secret eater, hiding the wrappers, even blaming the children while pretending you eat a wholesome, healthy diet.

Do you sometimes feel scared that despite knowing exactly what you SHOULD be eating you turn to sugary food time and time again?

You can finish a whole packets of biscuits, crisps or a 6-pack of hot cross buns in minutes. Perhaps you count the minutes until your work break so you can raid the vending machine. You search frantically through the cupboards after dinner for a quick sugar fix.

And you may feel rubbish about yourself, weak-willed, bloated, fat, unlovable and completely and utterly overwhelmed with how to get a handle on breaking this disgusting habit.

And yet you keep doing it and the pounds creep on, your brain becomes more and more foggy and you become more and more depressed and desperate.

Okay let’s take a big breath, pause and consider that…

– Research has shown sugar to be at least as addictive for you as cocaine.

– Processed carbohydrates such as flour, bread and pasta can have the same effect in your body as sugary food creating hormonal havoc and addiction.

– Supposed healthy foods are often full of hidden sugars – sugar is literally everywhere!

– Your gut bacteria may well be screaming for you to keep eating sugar (and it can feel deafening!)

– This IS a REAL addiction!

– Sugar addiction can be a tough nut to crack!

If you are despairing at this point please don’t be. Knowing all these things helped me understand it wasn’t my fault or that I was weak-willed, but rather that I had unwittingly set up a chemical sh** storm in my body that now needed unpicking.


What People Say About Nourish Yourself to Sugar Freedom

‘Carol, I got brilliant news today. Thanks to living a sugar-free life my blood sugar levels are way down. They’re the lowest they’ve been since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 15 or so years ago. So much so that I’m not in the diabetic range any more! To say I’m thrilled is an understatement!!! I’m still a work in progress though, as I’m now in the pre-diabetic range and my aim is to get down to the ‘normal’ range! Thank you so much for your support and I hope my story is an inspiration to others…. xx’- Lesley Scott, Fife, Scotland

And also

‘I’ve just completed Carol Lee’s 6 week “Nourish Yourself to Sugar Freedom” and it’s one of the best online courses I have ever done. For me, it’s been transformational. With Carol’s expert guidance I have been able to change lifetime habits easily. My eyes have been opened to a layer of choices I’ve been making for years that have been compromising my energy and health. When I joined the course my physical and emotional energy were low. I was suffering with a skin condition I couldn’t shift. Now, I don’t feel I have “given up” the quick comfort of sugar. Rather I have the joy of nourishing myself in a way which brings natural balance back into my whole being.

Every day my energy is zinging and I feel light inside, my mental focus and access to wisdom have improved and my productivity in the work I love to do has doubled. I haven’t felt this good in years and this is just the beginning! For a long time I’ve been looking for a way of eating that will be sustainable over time and it’s been such a relief to find Carol. She combines passion with a gentle allowing which lifts a “diet” into an adventure of discovery and experimentation. She presents her lessons in an easily assimilated way, taking the learner step by step and providing heaps of support, so I never felt I was doing this alone. If you have been tempted to try Sugar Freedom I thoroughly recommend Carol Lee as your guide. – Rose Diamond,

How to Joinsugar freedom

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