Living Excellently with Shan Rees – For Women to Develop Deep Confidence and Sparkling Self-esteem

My calling and my passion is to inspire women to connect with their female power, the power of being female. The work starts with loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are:

  • live in the world authentically in your own rhythm
  • honour the magic inside you
  • develop Deep Confidence to shine
  • in essence, free your feisty female power and fly!

Deep Confidence comes from within, from accepting and honouring yourself, living in alignment with your values and being true to yourself. It starts with being, and the ‘doing’ follows.

About my work

For over three decades I have successfully guided hundreds of people to grow into who they really are. To this end, I have run a wide variety of courses, including From Stress to Self-Management, Peace begins Within, How to Be Happy and Ageing Excellently, to name a few.

My signature courses are Assertion Training and Developing Self-Esteem and Deep Confidence.

I’ve worked in a variety of settings, including Great Ormond Street Hospital, as well as The National Film Society and Adult Education. Previously, all my courses were face-to-face, but having moved from London to a rural area in West Wales (I am Welsh), I am extending my offer online as well.

Why might you want to work with me?

Are you successful in your chosen field and wondering if there isn’t something more to life? Or perhaps you feel you are not using yourself to the full and want to become more confident? Do you want to build self-esteem and learn to value yourself? Do you have concerns about how women are treated in the world and want to take action around that? Maybe you are no longer happy with the way you are living and are ready to live uncompromisingly in your truth. Perhaps you have problems creating boundaries and saying ‘no’.

I can help!

Currently, I run Sound Your Note in the World – Self-Esteem and Confidence-Building for Women which is a 5-week course, Free Your Feisty Female Power and Fly face-to-face; as well as Female Fulfilment Coaching.

My Background

Learning and qualifications which inform my work include: Degree in Anthropology 1974; Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, 1979. And thereafter training in Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, Group Facilitation, Organisational Development, training with Anne Dickson in teaching Assertion Skills, Dance, Movement, Yoga, training to teach Pilates, Image Consultancy, Diploma in Style Coaching  and Life Coaching; Joanna Macy’s The Work that Reconnects; trained to teach Dances of Universal Peace, which I use in my work.

I also co-wrote a book Assertion Training: How To Be Who You Really Are over 25 years ago, as part of a series on mental health. It will be re-launched soon.

How to contact Shan Rees (New website soon – Women Living; phone: 01570218138/07940375147

Available through clicking button on my website – free pdf  – 7 Steps to Deeply Confident and Assertive Living


Link to e-book How to be deeply confident and live life on your own terms

Course costs

Course cost is variable – please contact me for more information.

Individual Female Fulfilment sessions – sliding scale and taster sessions available.

Discounts for ST and SS Sisters. I am open to exchanging sessions


‘A woman in harmony with her Spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will, without pretence, and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.’ May Angelou.

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