Death of the Dragon Keepers by Risaria

A Coming of Age book for all ages from age 8+risaria

Death of the Dragon Keepers – a children’s coming of age fantasy adventure.

‘You must keep quiet, or they will kill you too, my darling, and you have to live for all our sakes… for you have to bring the dragons back.’

In the only Kingdom left on earth an innocent child is born to be the last dragon keeper. Her role – to somehow bring dragons and magic back to the world. But how? After witnessing her mother’s murder Azra is hidden by her grandparents. But on her Gramma’s death her Granpa realises he can’t hide her forever. He takes her into a world that he has been hiding from. Now Azra is drawn into a fantasy world that she thought belonged in her children’s books. The safe but boring life she knew is now a roller-coaster of an adventure where she has to persuade the temperamental Dragon Keeper’s Handbook to reveal its secrets to her. Azra hears of her Aunt Constance for the first time and what had been fantasy stories now become reality. What happens when two children brought up in a land of secrets finally meet?

Azra’s Journey

This children’s coming of age fantasy follows Azra and Prince Samardashee as their fates intertwine. Ironically, as they share the same birthday their coming of age marks a change in their destiny that affects the entire world.

Death of the Dragon Keepers by Risaria is the first book in the fantasy series The Fire and the Flame, a children’s book featuring Azra and Prince Samardashee and how their two worlds collide. In this dystopian world without fire Azra and Samardashee grow up in separate worlds surrounded by secrets. It is only with the death of her Gramma that Azra begins to find out the truth. In the world at court Samardashee is no better off. He is surrounded by courtiers convinced that he is cursed. Is it a curse or a prophecy?

As Azra gets to know more of the truth she begins to believe that it is a prophesy rather than a curse. Death of the Dragon Keepers heralds a new series of dragon books for children that will appeal to all ages.

Reader Reviews for Death of the Dragon Keepers by Risaria

Released as a fantasy book for Kindle, advanced readers have described Risaria’s book as:

“A brilliant action and adventure fantasy book for the Kindle! This book isn’t just for children it’s an amazing rollercoaster ride that will keep you hooked to the very last page and starting to count down to the release of the next book as soon as you have finished reading the last word.”

“Loved the story and the way it has been written. Death of the Dragon Keepers is so much more than a dragon book for children it is also a dystopian fantasy adventure that adults will love to read. Operating on the many levels that it does, both you and your child are in for a great reading experience!”

“This first book in The Fire and The Flame series of dragon books for children takes us into a fantasy world that reveals more with each page.”

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