The Rediscovery Cards are a pack of fifty cards, each with a single word on a background colour. The word may be significant on the day you draw it, or the colour, or the combination. They can be focus for meditation, free-writing and reflection. I use them in all my work: one-to-one, in groups and for my own inspiration. People develop their own ways of using them for themselves and their families

The Cards are £15, and there is a Companion Guide available separately for £8.95, or with the cards for £22 (plus p&p). I have listed the other books I have published on my website.

About the Rediscovery Cards

This email, received out of the blue, means a lot to me:

rediscovery cards“Dear Mary,

This is not a polite little thank you note for your rediscovery cards, but a full-on raving fan letter! It has been such a positive experience using them in my journaling – affirming, insightful and fruitful. They are a terrific resource. Aside from the benefit of using them they are delightful in their own right – beautifully produced and lovely to handle. I’ve taken to carrying them around in my bag in case I have a spare few minutes to sit and draw one out to reflect on or write about.

As someone with a particular faith I have found that they dovetail very well my other practices of prayer and contemplation, and that often my writing blends these elements together to nourish and sustain my spirituality.

So a big thank you for devising and creating them, and I hope they continue to be a blessing to all those who have acquired and use them.

Best wishes,


The cards are used in many different ways, and by people of all ages and backgrounds: children, teenagers, parents, men, women. Coaches, therapists, tarot readers, managers, trainers, employers. The cards make a perfect small gift (light to post) that continues to give pleasure for many years.

They have become an integral part of my own personal practice, shared in the Dare to Blossom into Joy Facebook Group. I use them in all my coaching: one to one, in groups online, and in workshops and public speaking.

Mary Lunnen

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