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About Rana

I work from my artist retreat in SW France. My inspirations have been the people and landscapes of Southern Spain, North Africa, Australia and France.  I also produce Architectural Art including French scenes.

All my work is available as signed A3 print and most can be produced on canvas block.

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rana j rodger

About my Paintings

My work has varied considerably over the years.

I started my career specialising in architectural portraiture back in the 1970s. This then led to greeting card designs and illustrations for posters and children’s books and many commissions in the commercial field.

However I still feel that my best paintings were the first ones that I did aged three and four.  My mother has kept all these paintings and Sometimes, I look at them and connect to the magic that I felt at that time…the smell of the fat wax crayon as it slid across the page… the wonderful surprise when pink met blue… or blue met green… the excitement I felt as the paper began to fill with circles and lines and dots…..

In the late 80s I decided to concentrate solely on my own personal artistic journey. There was a whole year when I spent practically everyday experimenting with texture, colour and hue. I had days when I felt that I was just making a load of mess and not getting anywhere….but where is there to get to anyway?

Blue Gallery

A wonderful blue pigment in France called “Blue mineral” came into my life and I spent an entire year just playing with “blue.” I couldn’t stop….”blue” took me on a voyage. I never imagined that there could be so many facets to “blue ” (see Blue Gallery

After a deeply moving trip to Australia where I spent eight months in the outback and made my own paints from earth pigments, I started experimenting with different media…rolling inks onto paper and working with gesso and oil pastel.

I had re-found the delight and satisfaction that I had found as a small child, and as a result my paintings started to take me on a voyage of discovery. My choice is to live close to nature, for it is from here that I gain the inspiration for my inner work. Paintings are inspired from the earth…the source…the mother of all things. Listening to the silence within…to my dreams and intuitions and paint from my heart.

I’m now sharing  the gifts and knowledge that I have gathered over these years to children and to adults wishing to connect with their own artist within.

You can also come and spend a week on an Art Journey with me at The Alchemy garden in SW France in the heart of the countryside.
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