lori brant life coach training Lori Brant Life Coach Training is a 2-Day, ICF approved, coach certification training, designed for those who have experience working with individuals in the areas of goal setting and personal development. Whether your focus will be providing the finest in life coaching to individuals, businesses, corporations or non-profit organizations, you will above all acquire the utmost confidence, knowledge, and proven tools to succeed. Begin a new and exciting career path, expand your existing services or develop your ability to tune into and help clients, as a result transforming their limiting beliefs to help them achieve their goals. This training will be sure to change your life and also the lives of those you touch.

About the Program

If you decide to become an ICF accredited coach, the program hours from this training program can be used towards the accreditation process. This program is based on the coaching core competencies identified by the ICF and the hours qualify as ICF Continuing Coaching Education Units.

Provided through live webinar.

Link for more info:   https://www.loribrant.com/certified-coach-practitioner-traini


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Lori Brant B.A., B.Ed.

Author, Teacher, Life Coach, Life Coach Trainer

Certified Life Coach and Certified Coach Practitioner Trainer (ICF Approved Program) 


Web: www.LoriBrant.com


Email: contactloribrant@gmail.com


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Book: The Happiness Toolbox

Phone: 289-322-2325



“Lori is a passionate, caring, deep and active listener. She is very keen to identify, gently challenge and redirect toward personal goal achievement so working with Lori is always a motivating and inspiring pleasure. Lori makes me want more from my own life each and every time I connect with her. She never ceases to amaze me with her grace, optimism and presence.”
Jacquie O.

“OMG, thank you ever so much for your help with limiting beliefs!  It’s actually an area that I’d truly love to help people with. Your input was fantastic!! I’m just in awe. That was all around just one limiting belief.

Thank you again . . .  you are an amazing coach and trainer!!”


Lori Brant – The Happiness Toolbox page


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