We are Nikki-Marianna Hope and Suzi Joy Lever, together we weave a springboard of celebration to empower our Silver Sisters and the larger community, We have combined our names of Hope and Joy to present these events in Hope and Joy Ceremonies.

Would you love to Honour yourself by co-creating a unique INDIVIDUALLY WOVEN ceremony supported by Silver Sisters for a significant birthday, transition or life-changing event using Zoom – see  https://youtu.be/hSWDL6Dv0fk

Why Choose Hope and Joy Ceremonies?

When indigenous peoples lived together, if a member felt the need to acknowledge an event in their life, the sowing of new seeds, a marriage, a death or a life-change for which community witnessing and support would be helpful, they talked about it with the village elders, to arrange how this could be achieved.  (This is Suzi Joy Lever and Nikki-Marianna Hope’s offering.)

We have run four of these ground-breaking celebrations in The Silver Tent, to find out more here are links to three video conversations / testimonials:

Suzi   https://youtu.be/hSWDL6Dv0fk

Jools: https://youtu.be/wjy19K9Gjis

Karen: https://youtu.be/TJKK3hxRpL0

HOW DO WE DO IT using Zoom

Our First exploratory meeting – getting to know each other, discuss ideas and potential dates. We discuss the possible content and the kind of image you would like for your Event.

Our mutual decision to commit begins the process a month before the celebration.

Second meeting:  Discuss new ideas that have evolved. Time, date, image and event description are finalised.

Third:  Confirms everything. Provides support during your preparation for the ceremony.

CELEBRATION Event – magical emergence into the new you

Fourth: Review, a week after your celebration

Fifth: an optional follow up a month later.


Contact us

For more details about Suzi Joy Lever and Nikki-Marianna Hope view:

www.suzijoylever.com  “Bringing Joy to the world through sound in her own playful way”
Nikki-Marianna Hope Facebook page  and www.kkinaturally.net “Inspiring Inner Stillness and Alchemical Change”


Kate Gold celebrated independence after years of caring for her parents who had recently died. Her Event image was an unfinished painting of her ancestors.

Kate: ‘‘With the loving presence of other Silver sisters, I felt truly held, witnessed and supported. Nikki-Marianna and Suzi Joy created a safe and sacred space and I am still filled with gratitude for the offering and for the whole experience.”

Jools L Williams honoured her Creativity and her Birthdays which were always overshadowed by Christmas. The poem Jools wrote for her ceremony, catalysed her new focus of creative writing.

Jools: “I highly recommend this process and Nikki-Marianna and Suzi Joy for their wonderful ability to hold sacred space.”   https://youtu.be/wjy19K9Gjis

Karen Doubleyew consolidated Reclaiming the Joyful Way, honoured her journey with cancer

Karen: “It was an incredibly powerful and alchemical event, a true celebration of myself in a sacred space. I feel blessed to have created such a special moment with them and wholeheartedly recommend Nikki-Marianna and Suzi in this unique work.”


Suzi Joy Lever celebrated her 65th birthday with Coming out of Isolation into a caring community.

Suzi Joy: My ” Coming out of Isolation” ceremony was certainly a springboard to change! I never imagined then that it would lead to co-facilitating more online ceremonies!



Investment in Hope and Joy Ceremonies

Silver Tent members Discounted until November 2019 £600

Non-refundable deposit £300 within 7 days of mutual commitment.

Balance of £300 due 7 days before your event.

Or monthly instalments by arrangement

For non-members £900

To book a place as a witness / supporter we request a non-refundable donation of £10 after which an emailed copy of the receipt will confirm your place at The Event.

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