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mindfulness logo for the aware mindMindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment.
The Aware Mind is devoted to mental health and wellbeing through mindfulness practices for individuals, groups or organisations, supporting:

  • Mental wellbeing, anxiety and depression for individuals or groups
  • Corporate wellbeing and mental health strategies for stress management
  • Introducing mindfulness into your daily life to gain health benefits
  • Providing coping strategies for the stress of being a parent or carer
  • Supporting the bereaved following experiences of loss and miscarriage.

By practicing mindfulness and meditation, we can begin to more fully understand how our emotions, thoughts, and feelings impact our lives. Taking one small step in support of a happier, healthier, and calmer way of life, mindfulness and meditation is a great place to start. Results of research indicate that mindfulness can help you in more ways than you think, especially in the workplace.

Each time we indulge in negative thoughts and feelings, we strengthen their effect on us. However, every time we engage in positive thoughts and behaviours, letting go of the negative ones, we are retraining our brains to think a little differently.

The Mindfulness Now programme provides a combined and wide-ranging approach to mindfulness teaching. Teachers are able to work with individuals and groups with varied requirements including assisting with physical and emotional pain, stress and anxiety, as well as developing and strengthening emotional resilience.

Introducing Helen Morris

Helen Morris, mindfulness coach(Diploma in Counselling & Psychology / Mindfulness Teacher)
Mindfulness practitioner, mentor and coach, based in France, delivering remote one-to-one (1-2-1) or group sessions.

Mindfulness is a potentially life-changing way to alter our feelings in positive ways, and an ever-expanding body of scientific evidence shows that it really does work. It works for depression but also helps people deal with anxiety, as well as emotional and physical pain.

Mindfulness Now 1-2-1

Initial assessment of your health and mental well-being to ensure the best approach to suit your needs.
8-week programme addressing your specific requirements with guided meditations, discussion, exploration and stories to support your experience with Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Now Group

A progressive exploration of the concepts of Mindfulness, followed by 8 weeks of evidence-based techniques, with guided meditations, discussion and stories. Encouragement to include Mindfulness as a significant factor in your life.


When sadness from bereavement threatens to overwhelm, we explore mindful techniques to cope with the grieving process.
Regular 1-2-1 sessions to suit your needs.

“After working in IT for over 30 years, I realised my true calling was in helping others deal with emotional concerns, not computers, so I launched The Aware Mind.” Helen

The Aware Mind


Individual 8-week programme €480
Hourly rate €60
Group 8-week programme €400


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