They uWelcome to Geallean by Lyn Carranza – I sell beautiful art from traditional stories from Celtic and Native American communities.

Native American Art

Living within the Navajo Nation has given me access to the beautiful art of Navajo, Hopi and Zuni artisans. Native American art is intricate, detailed, unique and above all beautiful. Many pieces that I find tell the traditional stories of the people and some pieces are expressions of the modern world we all live in. Navajo, Hopi and Zuni artists, along with other artists in my shop, use natural fibers, clay, wood, shells, crystals, stone and meaningful items that surround them in their beautiful homes.  All Native American art is authentic as described.

Many Native American artisans rely on selling their art to support their families both immediate and extended. Native American art supports them financially, particularly when other options are limited.  This is true not just for the artist and their immediate family but for extended family members including elders, siblings, nieces and nephews. They use art as an excellent way for them to boost an economy that is quite poor.  The income helps families provide needed household items, food, and education supplies to their kids and grandkids.

Thank you for looking and for supporting local artists!


Enchanting Celtic Art

I am lucky to visit Ireland and the British Isles each year.   On my journeys I find the enchanting art of legend and faery tale is charming and classic. I search the Isles of the Hebrides and remote villages for artisans that capture the old European stories and culture in their art.  All art on my shop from the British Isles and Ireland is authentic as described.


Where to find me

Art brings me joy. Amazing pieces of art cross my path each day here at Geallean by Lyn Carranza. I love to help others find the perfect piece of art to bring joy to their own home as well. Whether it is enchanting Celtic art from the British Isle or magical Native American art, I surely have something for you!

I am quite crafty myself and sell my own creations too.


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