In Pursuit of Perfect Timing, the first novel by Silver Tent member Erica Longdon – a wonderful read for a night in by the fire or to take on holiday with you.

Amazon review of the book

erica longdonCurl up with your favorite something to drink and escape into the life of Cheryl – she won’t disappoint. You won’t want to put down this great read. The main character Cheryl takes you through her life changing events that bring up both highs and lows for her. Cheryl spins out of control,  lets you into her life, and then shows you her journey toward finding and redefining herself. Who is she if she’s not with Ross?

On her journey inward she finds classes and friends who help her to expand her beliefs about herself, life, and her very own existence in the Universe. Did I mention romance… of course there is a story there too but I won’t spoil it for you. I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

How to get hold of In Pursuit of Perfect Timing by Erica Longdon

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Or listen to Erica being interviewed about her book on Silver Tent Radio.

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