EATING FOR HEALTH AND VITALITY COURSEeating for health and vitality course

This 5 part, self-guided course introduces you to the basics of Natural Nutrition. As a Nutritional Therapist for the last 15 years, I created this course to pass on the information that I share most often with my clients. In each part we explore a new aspect of the philosophy through video, audio, handouts, recipes and weekly recommendations, so you can make simple changes to how you eat to improve your health and wellbeing. There is also a dedicated supportive Facebook group for you to join and ask any questions.

The Eating for Health and Vitality course runs with regular ‘LIVE’ rounds twice a year, led by me week by week, that you can join . These include a weekly class followed by a Q and A session. The sessions are all recorded and shared in the group so people can catch up if they miss a LIVE class.

There is a 10% discount for Synergy members.

What Previous Synergy Members Said About Eating for Health and Vitality

“I came into this course feeling vulnerable and curious, with a history of anxiety and phobia around food from childhood, and a health issue requiring fundamental dietary changes.
Early on I had a major lightbulb moment through Carol’s explanation of how the body works. It was a huge piece of the jigsaw in understanding my dis-ease.
Since then I’ve started making lots of little changes… ones I thought would be impossible have turned out, to my surprise, to be really easy.
Without the course I would still be stuck where I was. What’s worked for me is Carol’s approach… the huge amount of support and encouragement together with a wealth of knowledge that’s presented in friendly, bite-sized portions you can dip in and out of as and when you can.
I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Carol… it’s a true life changer for me” 
Sarah May

“Thanks Carol for this excellent, information-packed course. I am still working my way through the content, there is so much there. I really like the way you present your material with a mixture of video and written material. It makes it easy to dip in and spend a short time learning something new and to then come back to it later and explore in more depth. Your friendly, relaxed style is a joy, I felt as though I was sitting in your kitchen with you!” Juin Gibson, WIldheart Alchemy flower essences / Plant Dreaming retreats and kinesiology.

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“Although I wasn’t able to participate in the live calls, I had the opportunity to catch up with them via recordings. One of the benefits of doing a course like this is that it caters for everyone. The online material is easy to navigate and for those who are busy, it’s great to be able to access the resources as and when you have time. Carol is knowledgeable on her subject, very supportive and caring.” DSM

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eating for health and vitality course
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