I am delighted to have become an affiliate for Earth Sense Organic Body Care. Our friends Andrew and Lisa run this amazing company here in the beautiful southwest of France, They are passionate about the organic, cruelty-free, palm oil free formulation of their products.  From 2019, all guests here at our B&B and Retreat Centre will be enjoying the lavender and rosemary soaps and shampoos as part of their experience with us, because we want them to enjoy the best.

I have seen and smelled all the products and they are amazing.  I am a personal user of a number of them (confess to not using the beard balm….).  New fully recyclable packaging now available on the website.

To browse the catalogue and order please follow this link.


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A Bit More from Earth Sense Organic Body Care Founders Andrew and Lisa:

Earth Sense Conscientious Organic Body Care products are hand made in France. Every Earth Sense product is based around the core ethics of the business which are the highest in the body Care industry.

The core ethics are

  • every ingredient direct from plants, organic and ethically sourced
  • no colours, no perfumes, no preservatives
  • use no parabens, no palm oil or palm oil derivatives
  • no soy or soy derivatives  
  • absolutely no animal testing or cruelty
  • no fillers or volumizers like water because they serve no function in the products only to generate profit
  • reduce and eliminate use of plastics and non recyclable items
  • only use enough packaging to protect the products and no excess
  • all packaging easily recyclable
  • no exploitation of our planet, animals or customers

Above all else we make amazing skin care products that actually work and give exceptional results.

Earth Sense are the only body care company in France to be certificated as Palm Oil Free and are also on the International Leaping Bunny cruelty free register for every product we make.

Google Translate enables you to read their French website in the language of your choice. If you have any questions you can also contact Andrew directly.

Hilary Stringer


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