About Reachout Therapy

My aim at Reachout Therapy is to offer you a range of strategies that you can learn easily so that you remain emotionally healthy for the rest of your life.  Psychotherapy alone often takes long periods of time to bring about required changes.  However, combining it with hypnosis to bypass the mind’s natural resistance makes it easier to make changes, quickly and effectively.

In my therapy I use a combination of very effective techniques including: hypnosis, psychotherapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), NLP, Coaching, Chronic Pain Management.   I have studied these and other modalities through many years of clinical practice.

My support can help you through various channels. These might be one to one sessions locally or online sessions if you live further afield.  I also offer personalised therapy recordings and group workshops and retreats.  The focus of my work is to help assist you to live the life you truly want in the fastest time. No hanging about!

My experience of practice

Many issues presented to therapists have their source in Significant Emotional Experiences which took place early in life.  As a result, quite often the therapy process concerns healing the wounds of childhood.

Many people, in my experience, are imbalanced in some way as a result of significant emotional experiences in childhood. In consequence, it appears that only a few people have been fortunate enough to enjoy a truly functional childhood.

Family dynamics can often be dysfunctional and the hurts that result from this can disturb our adult lives.  Persistent problems, for example addiction, depression, troubled relationships, physical illness, anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, lack of confidence, eating problems, can all connect back to childhood and adolescent factors.

In short, sessions with me offer you a chance to heal childhood wounds, neutralise negative emotions and as a result transform your life.  This can bring a sense of balance inside you and also a sense of joy in life.

Published Work

I am the Author of Subconscious Medicine: Understanding the Mind-Body connection to pain. This book helps you to understand how your thinking, beliefs and opinions contribute to the severity of your pain. Hypnosis and Mindfulness have long been effective in helping people to manage, control and even eliminate chronic pain. Helping you remain pain free and emotionally healthy for the rest of your life.

Amazon Review

“Are you in pain? For the past 25 years, I have written and taught others how to use the power of their thoughts to improve their health. With appropriate practice, those who have sought one-on-one assistance and counseling from me have obtained the best results, and sometimes even nothing short of miraculous results! Our mind/body connection to pain works the same way. This is what Dee Twentyman talks about in her new book, “Subconscious Medicine.” Her book is well documented, very comprehensive and makes it easy for readers to understand the foundation for tapping into the mind/body connection. As an added benefit, she offers her readers a bonus package – a FREE 30 minute Skype conversation with her about their own physical pain conditions. Talk about follow through!”

Website:  http://www.reachouttherapy.co.uk/index.php

Phone number: 07903 456237

Price: All sessions fixed price £80

Some pro bono work undertaken.

Discounts to Silver Tent and Synergy members, as well as Silver Sharing.




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