Don’t know where to start?  Can’t see the wood for the trees?  Is everything a bit overwhelming?  Don’t panic!  The Catalysers are here to help!

With a combined fifty years of project and business change management experience between us, Lara and Hilary are the experts you need to call if you have:

  • A project you want to start but don’t know where to begin
  • A looming deadline and no idea how you’re going to prioritise your time
  • A challenge in your life that feels too big to even start thinking about but you know you need to invoke ‘change’ to unstick the situation
  • A business idea that isn’t delivering for you as you want it to  
  • Or anything that you’re looking at in your life and simply thinking ‘HELP!’

What you need to do

  • Commit to making things change – this needs you to be really ‘ready to make the move’
  • Practise saying ‘YES’ to new things so that you can try out alternatives and make the necessary ‘space’
  • Be prepared to see where fear is stopping you from saying ‘YES’ and work through those feelings
  • Come willing to listen and trust that what we suggest can work for you
  • Set aside time to put into practice what we all agree in the plan

I’m ready to try this – what next?

For members of Silver Synergy we offer a 1 x free half hour session, where we will invite one participant to come with their ideas and share with us.  We will brainstorm ideas, come up with some approaches that you might not have thought of and put in place at least two things that you can do right now to make things change.  We only work with one idea at a time, but up to six others can attend as guests and get the benefits of seeing the process at work.

If you’re ready for a more intensive workout with The Catalysers, you can book time with us to come up with a comprehensive plan that you can carry out, supported by ongoing mentoring.  We work over Skype, Zoom or face to face, depending on the time and budget that you have available. We don’t just advise, we get stuck in and provide practical support (e.g. Facebook marketing, website review and update, project plan writing, drafting emails and letters) so that by the time we’ve finished you can see what needs doing in bite-sized chunks that you can then continue doing for yourself.

The Catalysers – unsticking sticky problems!

How can I work with you?

As well as our work in Synergy we offer:

  • Initial free half hour private session via Zoom or Skype looking at an outline action plan to make sure we’re the right people to help.
  • Follow on sessions either via Zoom, Skype or Face to Face to continue working through and developing or delivering the action plan.  
  • We can offer single follow-up sessions where just one of us has the expertise you need to make your breakthrough at half price.
  • Ongoing practical support and mentoring available to help you bring your idea to fruition with one or both of us.

For Synergy members the cost is discounted 50% to £50 an hour for time with both Catalysers together. Standard rate £100 an hour together, £50 separately.

Contact us

Through Silver Synergy by private message

By email to Hilary

By email to Lara


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