Carol Lee Holistic Health and Nutrition: 1-2-1 Consultations Online and in Person

Perhaps you are…carol lee natural health

  • Feeling stuck and bored with how you are eating and wanting to make changes
  • Wondering how you can change what you eat easily and simply to get the health benefits you want in your life
  • Confused about your next step; there is so much contrary information out there!
  • Wanting a holistic perspective on your health challenges
  • Considering if nutrition coaching is the next best step for you

This could be a one-off single session to help you move forward…

A Clarity session will bring you a listening ear, clarity and a list to go away with for your next steps forward…

  • 1x 90 min session in person, on the phone or via Skype to focus on the next best step for you food-wise
  • Bring your food diary to the session for support on how to make easy changes immediately
  • I will dig deep into my ‘tool kit’ to find some ways for you to move forward
  • Face-to-face sessions can include Kinesiology muscle testing
  • These sessions will focus on how you can make simple changes for maximum effect

90-minute sessions cost £65 (first session and £50 for Synergy members)

60-minute sessions £50 (follow-up and £45 for Synergy members)

(or 3 x 60 min sessions for £140  or £125 for Synergy members)

What People Say About Carol Lee’s Support

‘My intention was to have an appointment with Carol to help with some motivation for cutting back on sugar. I didn’t have any expectations but knew Carol would be the right person after seeing her online. Carol offered me a creative kinesiology session and I was blown away, how something so simple can be so spot-on and effective. It was surprising that it could touch on issues deeply in just a space of 1.5hrs. Carol has a great sense of humour, she has a heart of gold and really held the appointment beautifully. I’ve come away starting on my sugar free journey! Thank you x’ Jess Twydall

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