Dare to Blossom Life Coaching: Does this describe how you feel?

“…and then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

This quote from Anais Nin inspired the name ‘Dare to Blossom’. If you are ready to rediscover your own inner wisdom, to risk unfurling, even just one petal at a time, contact me to talk.

To find out how my style of coaching can help, book a complimentary 20 minute Rediscovery Coaching taster session with me now. Visit my website to arrange a conversation on Zoom video-conferencing or the phone – a chance for you to ask questions, and for me to suggest ways in which I could help you.dare to blossom life coaching

Rediscovery Coaching is based around the principle of rediscovering your own inner wisdom. It uses the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards to help you access and explore the resources within that you may not be using as you could.

In my experience (as a customer as well as a life coach) people do not decide to buy ‘coaching’. If you are a sports person or an athlete, you might engage a coach to help you improve your performance, to win a race, to be a more effective team member.

Small Steps in Dare to Blossom Life Coaching

In a similar way, the coaching I offer may be focused around a goal: perhaps finding your way to achieving an ambition, identifying the small steps that will take you there. We can work very productively together do this.  Sometimes it is about having the time and space to hear yourself think, to listen to what your heart, your soul, the true you really craves.

Maybe there are elements of both – knowing your true desires will help you choose where to focus, and the best path for you to get there. Sometimes returning to balance and grounding, maybe letting go of some things that previously felt important, is the necessary first step.

You don’t need to take my word for it, there are a number of testimonials on the website, such as this one, from Jocelyn:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your guidance over the last couple of months. You have helped me through a period of transition and taught me that cutting back – or drawing on your insight: “pruning” – is not the end but the start, allowing time and the capability to blossom; to continue to evolve.”

“I am amazed how impactful and insightful just half an hour with you can be – which I wasn’t expecting, but loved. All our sessions have been an incredibly positive experience; setting me up on the right tracks to move forward again.”

Don’t delay, live a life you love, love the life you live – if not now, then when? Contact me now to find out more.

Mary Lunnen

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