Beady Eye Proofreading & Copy Editing Service

Need some help getting your message across? Then my proofreading and copy editing service could be just what you are looking for.beady eye proofreading

Language is the way in which we communicate. For the written word to be effective, it needs to be clear, consistent and easy to read.

I will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and typo errors, and will check for consistent use of language, terminology, capitalisation, hyphenation, format and abbreviations, as well as general content and structure.

I also check for consistency and appropriateness of language, in the context of your communication.  This helps to avoid contradiction, and holds the interest of the reader. Please let me know whether you want American spelling, as opposed to English (eg. Colour / color or prioritise / prioritize) so as to maintain the integrity of the language throughout the document.

I will query with you any factual inconsistencies or perceived discrepancies, to ensure that what you are communicating will flow and will be clear and concise.

Send your document(s) to me electronically, preferably as a Word.doc. I will return the work to you via the same method.

Beady Eye quoting for a project:

My preference is to quote per project. In order to provide a final and accurate quote, I will ask you to send me a random sample of between four and six pages of the work. From this, in addition to your brief, I will be able to establish how much proofreading or editing will be required.


Payment to be made directly into my bank account, no more than 30 days from date of Invoice.

Please note:

For projects exceeding 15 pages, I ask for a 50% a deposit, prior to commencement of work. The balance is due on completion, or as agreed in writing.

My commitment:steffie betts beady eye

Having worked in and around the advertising / marketing / branding industry over the past 40 years, I have a finely-honed sense of deadlines, confidentiality and privacy. Please rest assured that I will treat any and all spoken or written correspondence and / or information in strictest confidence. This includes your identity, information and project details.

Contact details:

Steffie Betts

Mobile (prefer WhatsApp) +2781 839 6970



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