Love in the Time of Coronavirus

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APRIL 2020

love in the time of coronavirus, jools, kelly, jane, siobhan
Before social distancing… Jools, Kelly, Jane & Siobhan met up in Wales


Dear Silver Sisters,


I woke up this morning with a whole new lightness of spirit as if a corner has been turned, even though I have not seen that much of this in the news. Now my attention is shifting from this so-called ‘limited’ space where I live shielding my 93-year-old Mum, to choosing to embrace it as womb-like – a place in which to re-birth and renew myself and my vision for the future.

Losing friends and family is never going to be easy, and for those of us who have lost or will lose someone close to us, let us hold you in our hearts and keep a space for you to share your grief. At the same time I see that the greater the devastation, the greater the opportunity for growth. There is no doubt within this global experience extraordinary seeds of fertility wait for our flow of attention so they can grow and blossom, and be ready to harvest as this lockdown eases.

What has been so wonderful to witness is the coming together of people to overcome this external threat. The kindness and generosity around the globe has been tremendous, and I see this pandemic as a catalyst for a more caring and collaborative society. This is a return to the energies of conscious, co-creative collaboration – the fundamental principles embedded in The Silver Tent global community for wild, wonderful, wise women over 50.

Conscious Co-Creative Collaboration

Along with conscious co-creative collaboration is also a call to bring our health back to ourselves, so that rather than abdicate responsibility and place it in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies without a second thought, we explore more deeply which natural choices may serve us better. This is a time for self-governing as well as collaboration – remembering that we are often our most valuable expert. And when we feel we need to reach out, let’s reach out to those we know, those who have experienced what we may need to know, and learn from them.

Many of us have had to slow down – and in the process have fallen back in love with our world, our planet, nature and even ourselves. We have fallen in love with others from a distance. And many of us are falling in love with a way of life we had forgotten existed and are contemplating making this an on-going priority in our lives. Our hearts more essential than ever.


This is the perfect time for The Silver Tent to serve you as a place to share, to connect and to recognise you have a global sisterhood at the tap of your fingers on the keyboard.

Please look out for our regular online get-togethers in The Silver Tent… our next one is here:


YOUR LOVE HAS NOMINATED THE SILVER TENT TO RECEIVE AN AWARD… my heart skipped a beat to read this! Nominated in the Community Initiative category of the Kindred Spirit awards for 2020 your further love will help The Silver Tent win this award.

If you would love to help us win please follow this link, scroll down to the Community Initiative category, click the option next to The Silver Tent (appropriately at the top of the list!) and click submit. Thats it! Easy peasy. Please vote as soon as possible. Voting closes on 30 June.



love in the time of coronavirus, mary & debra
Synergy members Mary Lunnen, & Debra Sofia Magdalene enjoyed a day out together



Have you listened to the Silver Tent Radio shows? A wide range of inspiration, interviews and entertainment from our hosts in Silver Synergy



FEEL THE LOVE HERE IN SILVER TENT TV with a wealth of wonderful videos to watch to help you become healthier, happier and wiser…

This viral pandemic is a trumpet call for transformation. We are extraordinary creatures, with an immune system which, when fully functioning, can overcome most threats. And a creative ability which can transform our world. This is where we are headed if we listen to our own hearts, and come together in support of our web of wisdom.

Will you join us?

Come play and participate in The Silver Tent and Silver Synergy, the paid subscription part of The Silver Tent community.

With much love in this time of Coronavirus


And if for any reason you think that you can’t create what you’d love, that you don’t have the resources or the wisdom although you have the passion then please read my book Together We Rock! which is now also available through Amazon as a Kindle (Click here to buy through our website, in paperback or ebook).

If you don’t already know, I created The Silver Tent from nothing, without any resources except the most powerful ones of imagination and intuition and a good dose of stubborn-mindedness. If I can follow my heart to create something with such impact then so can you follow the whispers of your heart.


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To help support the emergence of the wise elder woman even more, I’m offering my  inspirational book on how The Silver Tent was founded.

This story will inspire your daughters, grand-daughters and nieces, let alone you and your friends over 50. Let them know that ageing is cool, exciting and worth celebrating as we are valid and valuable, with a great deal to share with the world. Indeed, together we rock!

Order your copy in paperback or ebook today from our website:


I am also available to give talks and interviews about how The Silver Tent emerged, and book signings. Please contact me if you know someone who might like to make a booking.



Francesca Cassini, Founder

The Silver Tent

on the Wild Welsh Coast


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