Love, part 1

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I would like to open up a discussion about love. We have personal sexual love between two people, a parent’s love for a child, a child’s love for a parent, a person’s love for a friend, love for a hobby, a piece of music, or a painting, or a poem, the list goes on and on. And then we have the Universal Love energy that shows up as magic, as miracles, as wonder.

Simple and Complex

loveSometimes love appears simple, and sometimes it appears in a very complex way. When it is simple, it seems obvious. Or is it? I might say “I love that book”, but do I actually love it, or do I appreciate the powerful impact and talent of the writer, or the intelligence of the prose, maybe it is the intense feeling I get from the narrative such as a feel good factor or a darkness that makes me think?

I will also say “I love you” to a person. Those words have not always come easily to me, for various reasons. At an almost forgotten time, when my eyes were very much closed to a lot of things, I was lucky enough to have a breakthrough moment. Historically, this was known as a breakdown, but renamed and repacked, cleaned, polished and shining in its new loving incarnation, it becomes a more manageable and acceptable episode.

Pure Love

What I believe came to me was real, pure, love, that pushed its way through the layers of protective armour that I had built over the years. It came from within, no doubt whatsoever. Its little seeds had remained deeply buried, awaiting the correct moment to burst open. So, for me, this is the most important one, the one I left out of the original list, the Love we have for ourselves, the one that gestates, births and nourishes all other aspects of love outside of us.




jools williams loveJools L Williams is a seeker, a sleeper slowly waking up after single motherhood and walking the treadmill in corporate. She is a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a dog servant, nature lover, Earth keeper, energy worker, tarot learner, erstwhile Shamanic novice. And sometimes, none of the above. Sometimes it’s nice to be still, silent and do or be nothing. Likes driving her car, playing on the swings, talking to trees and doing daft dancing round the kitchen to catchy beats. She has a facetious sense of humour and works really hard to keep a motormouth in check. Favourite people are those with compassion, and a clever and crazy sense of humour. Second to all dogs of course.


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10 Responses

  1. Trish

    Love is
    Like glue .. but not glue because it binds pleasingly without sticking
    Like cord .. but not cord because it links reassuringly without tying
    Like a weight .. but not weight because it grounds without being heavy
    Like a kite .. but not a kite because is uplifts without taking feet off the ground
    Like a shout .. but not a shout because it cuts through the noise without deafening
    Like a kiss .. but not a kiss because it gently grazes ones skin without leaving trace
    Like a flower .. but not a flower because it blooms forever in one’s soul
    Like nectar .. but not nectar because it sweetens so lightly one can hardly tell
    Like a hug .. but not a hug because one is only aware of it in dreams

  2. Hilary

    I hear your voice as I read this Jools. Beautiful and thought provoking. Xxx

  3. Hennes

    until I have come to this place- deep, yes, the deepest sense of self love,
    could I truly burst forth.
    thank you for this beautiful writing,
    so that we who seek our truth,
    against the backdrop of our experience,
    find our way back…

  4. Cassandra

    Love is what unifies and unites us. Thank you for introducing this conversation about love Jools… beautiful

  5. Eva

    I love your blog, Jools, I love your words. I love you! I love me. I love life. I am love. We are love. thank you for this lovely loving. xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Jackie

    Thank you Jools for opening up this discussion about love. You have certainly got me thinking what loves means to me.

  7. Francesca

    This is a beautiful dive in to what love is and the love that’s vital so we can share our love all around us. I have believed for a while that love is actually the foundational building block of life, that every single thing is created from this spark of love and so I have to love this blog. Thank you Jools for your exploration!

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