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Spurred on by a post I put into Synergy recently, and the subsequent responses from so many beautiful women, I have a renewed energy for action. As I reflect over the past few months I can see how I’ve been hiding away; and some of that was needed, I think; I’ve been exhausted both mentally and physically, as well as feeling really low. But I can also see that by hiding away, I’ve been kind of wallowing in a bit of negativity and a victim mindset and that’s not pretty for anyone! So, my renewed energy is calling me to set my intentions for next year and I’d like to share how I’m going to do that so that if you feel inclined, you can do the same.

intention setting
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1) Firstly, I’ve set a date to spend the day ‘working’ on my ‘plan’ for next year (noticing how I no longer like those words for this activity, and want to find new ones). I’ve booked the 6th of January (primarily because I will have had 2 weeks off work by then and I will have had sufficient time to switch off). I’m also doing the day with a coaching buddy so we can coach each other.

2) Before the day itself, I’ll go through all my journals and reflections for the year and gather them into one place to take with me on the day.

Intention Setting and Walking

3) Still looking for the exact venue but we’ll start the day with a brisk walk in nature. We’ll walk with intention – noticing the nature around us and what inspiration we can draw from it – listening, smelling, touching and feeling; really connecting with the universe and the lessons she wants us to take.

4) Then we’ll snuggle somewhere warm and cosy to start manifesting our intentions. We’ll start by looking back over 2018 and giving thanks for what we have appreciated about the year. We’ll look ahead – to somewhere in the future; the time isn’t relevant, just where do our hearts want to be in the future.

5) Then we’ll get crafty; perhaps a vision board, or similar, but engaging our creativity to bring about our vision for the future. Perhaps we’ll use materials we’ve gathered on our earlier walk.

Clear Actions

6) Once we have the vision, we’ll get a bit more focused on 2019. We’ll get clear on the actions we need to take in 2019 to get us closer to our vision. We’ll talk about how we can support each other in our implementation; making sure we’re getting our needs met, being kind and gentle when energy wanes whilst making sure we don’t hide away. We’ll have our actions written or drawn for us to use throughout the year. (I’m thinking of using a passion planner.)

7) Finally, we’ll end the day doing something special – afternoon tea perhaps, or a massage…

By the way, if you haven’t joined Synergy yet I’d highly recommend you do. The post I put in, nudged by Francesca, showing up my vulnerability and sharing how awful I was feeling, really has lifted me to a completely different place. I’d gone in feeling worthless, needy and invisible in the world. The responses I got were incredible and as I write this blog less than one week later, I feel energised, positive and empowered to set my heart’s intentions for next year. That’s worth a fortune to me.

With love, Wendy

intention setting wendy asplandWendy Aspland is married with 2 children and works in a corporate role. Now in her 50s, she’s keen to explore the next phase of her life and what it might bring. She enjoys writing about her musings here and has a secret ambition to write satire!

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3 Responses

  1. TResa Ferreira

    Well said, Wendy. I read twice right away and know I will be back. Inspiration aboinds in your words and the actions supported. Thank you!

  2. Francesca Cassini

    How inspiring to read this Wendy and the big shift from last week to this in how you’re feeling and now responding to your world. Delighted at the impact our ‘experiment’ in Silver Synergy has had resulting in your latest Silverblog and intention for 2019. Rock on!

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