Hogwarts For The Over 50s Woman?

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Is this Hogwarts for the over 50s woman to learn to live magically? Over 400 million Harry Potter books have been sold around the world and a large proportion of the readers are adults. It took years before I surrendered, having watched innumerable grown-ups on the London tube lost in the pages of muggles and magic, barely remembering to leap up as their station approached. I found my first copy in a second-hand shop. Within moments of opening this first story of the series I was hooked. In my imagination I tried on the sorting hat, ran up moving flights of stairs with young chattering wizards, expected my wand to have a hair from a Unicorn’s tail as its core, and hoped I’d be one of the fastest at drawing it and landing the perfect spell whenever required.

Force of Nature

magicI wondered why it was such a successful book for all ages. What is it about magic that captivates us so, even when we’re grown up and supposedly taking the world and our life seriously? And why is it that so many of the people who love magical books think that if we believe it is a real force of nature they try to humiliate the idea straight out of our hearts? It’s as if enjoying a work of magical fiction is acceptable but believing that magic is real is ridiculous and anyone who does so deserves derision.

All my life I have wanted to be a Princess who can fly. I have been almost desperate to find the door in the back of the wardrobe which leads to Narnia and talking creatures. I have imagined countless times what it would be like to light a fire with only my thought, to conjure up tiny live horses or cats with wings and to become invisible with no more than a twitch of my nose.


But I have learned two things. One is that nature is completely magical. I only have to look around me to be mesmerised. A tiny calf wobbling on its feet moments after its mum has licked it clear and clean of its slick and transparent birth bag. A carnation with its white petals edged perfectly with crimson. Shafts of sunlight splaying across the land through huge ragged clouds. Wind spiralling dust up from the ground. The mountains and valleys, rivers and oceans, and the extraordinary creatures which inhabit this awesome blue planet. And second is that life is inherently magical. We are not victims of circumstance, or rather, we don’t have to be. We can work with nature and the powerful focus of our imagination to heal. We can bring in to being the most unlikely experiences. We can be the architect of our own reality… and some believe we are the architect, even if unconsciously. Now I don’t know if all of us can heal or create anything but there is no doubt in my mind we are far more powerful than we are led to believe, and we experience this power as magical.

Magic is Fiction?

So why do so many people believe magic is fiction? After all the fact that this world exists at all is all the proof I need. Is it because it makes a mockery of a lot of what we’ve been taught and that’s a scary thought?

But what does all this have to do with The Silver Tent?

The Silver Tent is attracting a growing number of women who wield their wizardry with quiet dignity, and many of these wonderful souls share their understanding with those of us who take the time to listen and play and practice. Many of our Silver Seed and Silver Grove members (who have paid to participate in our sister community, Silver Synergy) are healers, channelling energy in different ways and witnessing the results. Some of our members play in the Quantum world, seeing a tangible end result as already manifest – and experiencing the outcome of this. As we dare to share those moments which transcend our traditional schooling all those decades ago, more of us start to play. I love playing with the suggestion that like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland I choose to believe six impossible things before breakfast. When I do this, with a light heart, I am surprised at what emerges. Have I created something I thought was impossible? At least once!

Magic Thrives…

magicMagic thrives when more than one person plays. As a community committed to living consciously, co-creatively and collaboratively, magic can sometimes emerge from one person’s wisdom in answer to another person’s desire. You never know where and when something perfect will blossom in the group which you have wanted for years. When we drop the need to be ‘the One’, keeping ourselves separate, we discover that we’re like one expanding organism with our component parts working ‘in synergy’. It is developing from its initial shuffling dance where we’ve been learning the steps, and we are now waltzing to a higher level of cohesion.

Years ago I was at an event, entranced by Bruce Lipton sharing the passion from his research in his book The Biology of Belief. I talked to him afterwards and asked him if he believed it was possible to make myself taller. He said yes, he believed it was possible, but only if I make sure I am surrounded by others who believe it too. And this is another aspect of being a part of this silver community. Being encouraged by others to go that extra mile, to truly open up to our heart’s calling and to be the woman we always dreamed we could be, offers this other level of magic, one we may never have experienced before.

We are creating magic, on an individual level as well as a group level. It is this magic, this coherence of heart energy which will make us a transformational force in our world today. We have taken our first baby steps towards this synergistic experience.

Silver Synergy can certainly be considered the Hogwarts of The Silver Tent, a place to play with magic… a place where we can open up to our true heart’s calling and with the support of our silver sisters become a force of nature. Now if that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is.


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7 Responses

  1. Jackie

    Yes! I believe in magic and love being part of this magical community xx

  2. Marci.Faith

    As a young girl about the age of 10, I came across a musty old book in a dresser drawer. I opened the mossy green cover, and can still quite smell the mustiness of the pages. I’m not quite sure how it got there. Was it a school book, a library book? I’ll never really know. I did not read it cover-to-cover, however, I skimmed its pages. I remember the black and white etchings at the beginning of each chapter. I was rather mesmerised. The book -King Arthur Knights of the Round Table. There is no doubt, not a shred of doubt, that this would launch me into the greatest journey and unearthing of the Philosopher’s Stone. I now know, this is, indeed, Magic!

  3. Wendy Wawrysh

    Francesca, thanks for the stimulation in this article about opening our hearts and stretching our minds, seeing magic in the everyday and invoking manifestation – along with the practicality of Bruce Lipton’s science.

  4. Eva

    I love how you have talked of the magic that can arise when one person’s wisdom meets another’s desire, Francesca. I have witnessed and experience this in The Silver Tent – in real effects. Those small differences that make the difference and a few times, some major and extraordinary shifts in real circumstances, too.. and magic does thrive when more than one person plays. wonderful and wonder -full. thank you xx

    • Francesca Cassini

      Yes there have been a few examples recently and it’s why asking for what we’d love can be such a magical experience. On the whole I think most of us don’t expect to get our wishes answered.

  5. Jools

    Dare one mention alchemy, cauldron, brewing, manifesting? For that is indeed what is happening in the Silver Tent, it’s truly magic!

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