The following services are all in development and will come online as our membership expands.
This table of membership benefits indicates the services available to the two main membership groups:
Silver Sister and Silver Seed-Grove

It’s not always easy to find like-hearted people but we attract a lot of them to The Silver Tent. Conversations become effortless, supportive and life-affirming. We discover we’re not alone in how we think and not alone in the world. So when we asked a number of our original members what they’d most love to have available in The Silver Tent, they all suggested a ‘meet up’ space which was more than the posting, comment and message option in Facebook. And so the Silver Circle idea was born.

Our designated hosts will open a 60-90min call where up to twenty of you can talk to each other out loud and visible wherever you are in the world. Some of these will be open discussions and others will be themed, from as light as you like to as deep as the elephant in the room, these Silver Circles are designed to support you. As we grow and develop, our intention is that there will always be a number of Silver Circles open any time of day and night so you need never feel alone.

Access: all membership levels. Hosting available to Silver Seed / Grove members

The Silver Spa is an online space where you can put your feet up, take a deep breath, close your eyes, relax and let go. We’re growing our audio library of guided meditations, visualisations and relaxation sounds to help you relax more deeply….explore your spirituality….or switch on your creativity.

You’ll find some will offer you the perfect start to the day, others will be ideal during a tea break and yet others will be an excellent companion as you fall asleep at night.

Access: all membership levels. Contribution available to Silver Seed/Grove members

One of the best ways of staying vibrant and full of zest is to keep learning. And we have some delightful ways for you to learn… from our library of ‘how to’s, to our regular live interviews with extraordinary women, where you’ll have the chance to pose your questions to our faculty of experienced coaches, facilitators and healers. So you can dip your toe in to something as simple, but great for your health, such as learning how to make kefir, a brew of chaga mushroom or kombucha tea…. to chatting live with women like Lynne McTaggart… to choosing whether to dive deeper in to such things as EFT, Shamanic Journeying or Intuitive PR.

Access too our “how to” library and faculty available for all membership levels.
Access to our live interviews is available for Silver Seed/Silver Grove members.
Becoming a faculty member available for Silver Seed / Silver Grove membership levels

Silver Synergy is an incubator / germinator for members’ visions, projects and businesses to grow. We’ll share our talents and abilities as a conscious, creative, collaborative community committed to making a difference with what we’re up to. Support will be freely given by participating members, however we have some wonderfully talented women here and if you would like their undivided attention and skill then it will be on a professional paid for basis.

Available to Silver Seed and Silver Grove members

You get to share your special brand of wisdom through our two main interfaces between the silver world within The Silver Tent and the wider world beyond. You have the opportunity to be interviewed by Francesca, our Founder, and before too long we anticipate you’ll host your own show…. this is where we can share what we’re passionate about with younger generations of women, helping them discover not only that life doesn’t end at 49 but that they are extraordinary individuals in their own right whatever their age and whatever their path.

Access: all membership levels. Hosting available to Silver Grove members

We are creating a range of immersive, encounters with wise elder women around the world that nourish, delight and enchant both host and guest.

Silver Tent Travel will offer our Silver Seed and Silver Grove members original tours to places where elder women are revered for their wisdom, insights and power.

Our launch tour will be in Western Canada this September.

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