Fire In My Belly

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I have a fire in my belly!

This is not just a thought. I can see an actual fire burning in my belly. I am like the pot-bellied wood burning stove I used to have years ago in a tiny little cottage on the edge of Dartmoor in southwest England. Buying that cottage and living there was one of the first times I truly followed my heart and went to live in land which spoke to my soul.

trustToday I’ve been wide awake since 5am. I feel energised in a way I haven’t felt for a long while. And I have been pondering the art of living a magical life, by which I mean in flow with our own true nature…

I go against the grain all the time. Over and over again I create from nothing. None of this Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for me… I can’t be doing with building a ‘safe’ foundation before exploring my highest purpose. I have always been a bit of a back to front and upside-down kind of a woman.

As I ponder I remembered being at a big horse show where the mounted police gave an extraordinary demonstration of the bond they create with their huge four-legged partners. Cantering the length of the stadium they literally jumped through hoops. But not any old hoops. These hoops were sealed with brown paper, making it impossible to see what was on the other side. The horses were courageous enough to believe they would not be hurt by the brown paper, which could have been a solid brick wall, and to trust they were not just about to leap off an invisible precipice. It was an awe-inspiring demonstration of trust. One which reduced, and reduces, me to tears. Perhaps this trust is actually the basic foundational structure we need in order to fulfil Maslow’s ‘Needs’… and not the bricks and mortar kind.

What I have experienced since setting up The Silver Tent is a real web of love and support from the women in the community, which is what I envisioned beforehand. The Silver Tent is designed to reinstate the wise elder woman in our culture today, because we are all valid and valuable and have a role to play in the evolution of our society. This collaborative network is a vital ingredient to help us all remember our wisdom and to reignite our dreams, so that we fulfil our highest purpose. I see this as our bedrock, our foundational structure. I received this beautiful concept right at the beginning of this silver adventure which stated that: as we open to our true heart’s calling, our silver sisters support us to become a force of nature. I see this develop every single day, particularly within the Silver Synergy group of Silver Seed and Silver Grove members who pay a fee to participate. No wonder the core message and title of my book about the emergence of The Silver Tent is Together We Rock!

What level of trust would you need to have to be able to jump through something when you have no idea what is on the other side?

What level of trust might you need today to do what you’d really love to do… that deep heart calling and soul urging?

And ‘who’ or ‘what’ would you be trusting?

From Loss to Light


Francesca Cassini


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5 Responses

  1. Kay

    Francesca, I love your post and purpose. It is wonderful to see someone who trusts in herself at this third stage in life and is willing to go all out to reach her goals. After all, we only have this stage in this lifetime – we had better get on and make the most of it!

  2. Shirley Ann

    Loving your post Francesca!, What an amazing vision you have and thank you for your beautiful heart. We are so powerful together and if we trusted in each other and ourselves we could truly move mountains!, I’m new to the silver tent but would just like to take this opportunity to say I love it! Loving theorists and themes as older women with each unique but also strangely similar experiences it’s wonderful to have this soul sister connection . Very grateful xxx

  3. Jane Bell

    I do like AnnaNan’s response. I have similar feelings. Trust for me is instinctive. Today is my birthday, I have always found it hard and become anxious but TODAY is the first birthday for a long time that I have relaxed into….no regrets, or sadness. Just feeling so here and now, listening to my heart. This is how it is and this peace, knowing, deep nourishment I can acknowledge and work on. By accepting, listening with gentleness to my heart and gut( I call it my second heart!) makes for a life filled with great Thankfulness and Joy.

  4. Francesca

    What a wonderful comment and we are so obviously on the same page! Regarding FB and finding your way around The Silver Tent group I understand what you’re saying. FB was never designed to host such a complex and far-reaching creature as our community. But you can always put #follow as a comment under a post you want to keep an eye on – and then when you want to find it again go to the search box in the left hand margin of the group page, type in #follow and that post should come back up again. It would be lovely to meet!

  5. AnaNanA

    Oh Francesca. For least the past 20, possibly 30, years, I have been trying to understand and get other women together to recognise that we older women need to re recognise our power and our abilities and have faith and trust in our selves. Sadly there have been few that have understood what I was trying to do. However with the advent of Facebook and The Silver Tent I think/know that this is the time we are absolutely able to come together to make the difference that we always knew we could make.
    At the moment we are speaking to like-minded women across the world. The challenge is to speak to those women who as yet have not understood or recognised their own particular Sovereignty.
    However, I do realise that first we have to get together in a way that is strong and positive and can show that women are a force to be reckoned with. We have had role models in the past but sadly they have ultimately been subsumed into the masculine model of life, and we have been left with unfulfilled promises of equality etc.
    There are so many strands in the Tent bthat I think it can be confusing, well it is to me sometimes. I don’t know enough about the workings of Facebook to be able to suggest how we could follow threads, I know that sometimes I’m following a one and somehow it gets lost. I remember something about following conversations but I haven’t cracked it and this is down to my own inability to work the Facebook page I think.
    Francesca, I look forward to meeting with you my dear, hopefully quite soon, and I am sure between all the wonderful women who are in their wisdom on this Facebook page solutions will be found. As I’ve said before, we have a challenge here but challenges can be met and we are the women to do that!
    Love and Blessings to us all.

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