The Power of the Feminine in You

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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Feminine’? Does it bring a powerful image into your awareness? No? Perhaps it’s associated with being pretty, gentle or ladylike?

What about the word ‘Goddess’? Do you think of yourself when you hear this word? Do you relate to the word in any way? Or does it feel like some kind of mythic concept or ideal that has no relevance to a post-modern woman and her life?

Feminine Power

feminineDo you believe in women’s rights? Do you believe that it’s time for women to play a leading role in cultural change? Do you recognise that women have a different kind of intelligence to men? And do you see the reclamation of Feminine power, the gifts of nurture, wisdom and care-taking in its broadest sense, taking place currently? You do? Then the Feminine or Goddess energies are relevant in your life.

Everything natural on Earth has an original template. This can be seen through the Fibonnaci sequence and other natural maps of form or physicality. In human beings layers of personal conditioning cover over this wondrous natural template. The almost innocent pure map of humanness that we arrive with has been shaped by nature, nurture and personal experience. Perhaps that’s the divine plan? That we have to lose our self to find our self? In our healing journey we begin to uncover what’s underneath the patterning – our original purity. The Goddess archetypes from mythology and astrology comprise an aspect of this original purity as Feminine energy, lying deep within our psyche. They are powerful maps for evolving women, hidden under layers of mental and emotional structures, or simply unavailable due to lack of knowledge or understanding of their relevance or potency.

Goddess Archetypes

The Goddess archetypes are many and varied, from the beauty of Venus, Goddess of Love, who reveals how we attract, magnify, receive and give love to Black Moon Lilith, a potent Dark Feminine energy that reveals how we hold ourselves back and why. These archetypes provide us with clear maps for our growth as women and our uplifted expression of Feminine energies in our world. They help us re-member who we truly are through the retelling and honouring of her-story rather than history. They guide us in recognising and reclaiming our natural gifts that have been dishonoured through patriarchy.

How might your life be changed in re-membering and reclaiming the roles and functions of the Priestess, the Earth Mother or the Queen of the Underworld? How might your self-expression be emboldened in knowing that Feminine intelligence has a real role to play in the evolution of humanity? How might your connection in relationships be deepened through understanding the ancient links between spirituality and sexuality? That sexuality has been used as a weapon against women in denying the fact that we are the vessel of creation on Earth?

Over a series of blogs for the Silver Tent I will be exploring and sharing with you the Divine Feminine or Goddess archetypes that dwell deep within us. I invite you to come along for the ride. I guarantee you will be surprised and delighted in discovering the deeper layers of who you truly are!


feminineCassandra Eve – Whole Woman – is a soul coach, women’s facilitator and astrologer (it’s not what you read in the papers!). Her passion for the last 30+ years is supporting women in realising and living their bigger picture, owning and creating from their full potential as Divine Feminine in a woman’s body. Cassandra shares this worldwide through individual consultations, online forums and courses and women’s retreats.

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19 Responses

  1. Hilary

    Looking forward to more on this Cassandra. It is a perfect time for us to explore this. X

    • Cassandra Eve

      Absolutely Hilary! The next one is brewing… Venus Goddess of Love.
      And I’m really looking forward to sharing some of the Dark Feminine Goddess archetypes at your luscious venue Las Coumeilles next year!

  2. Jools

    A fabulous introduction to an exploration of the feminine. It’s so true how it has been oppressed, suppressed, silenced… A feel a beautiful emergence on its way, thank you for sharing your wisdom Cassandra. ?

    • Cassandra

      Thanks Jools! We are beautifully emerging…

  3. Karen

    So many women have adapted to masculine power and used it to advance their purpose, but feel something ‘missing’, a yearning. The yearning for the feminine power that you describe, Cassandra! We all need to reclaim that to enhance our lives and to protect Mother Earth. I look forward to reading your future blogs. Namaste

    • Cassandra

      so true Karen.. that goal-orientated masculine power has its place and purpose but without the balance of holistic relationship-orientated feminine we are lost… as we can see in our world right now.

  4. Dee Twentyman

    My belief is that feminine energy has been feared through the ages by men, and the patriarchal system has pushed it down. Time to release it. Food for thought Cassandra thank you.

    • Cassandra

      Yes, feared and controlled Dee.. yet we have also allowed that through fear. It’s a time for reclaiming and honouring both in balance.

  5. eva wharehoka

    oh, how delicious…. explorations of the many aspects of Female Divine Archetypes…. thank you Cassandra. love your insights. xx

    • Cassandra

      thanks Eva! so many delicious Feminine archetypes to explore..

  6. Jeanette

    Love this piece. It speaks to what is alive and true in me at this time. Thank you!

    • Cassandra

      ah so alive Jeanette! thank you… She’s pouring through us all, now to grow the recognition, great-fullness and expression of that!