The Facebook Group is a permanent fixture so please visit as often as you wish and join in the conversations.  It’s a great place to meet women just like you.

After April 22nd, the real “juice” and substantial content such as online courses, interactive interviews, videos, the Silver Spa,  travel opportunities, sub groups and magical conversations etc. will be in the Tent and accessible only to registered members.

Thank you for joining our Facebook Group

We’re delighted at the way the Facebook Group is growing and attracting such a diverse group of very talented women committed to expressing their true wild, wonderful and wise selves. In its four short months of life, the group has shown that there is a need and desire by “elder” women to support one another on their journey towards making the third phase of their lives so rich and meaningful.

If it weren’t for Facebook, the concept of The Silver Tent wouldn’t have been conceived. Facebook provides us with a wonderfully familiar – even though potentially addictive (!) way to make new friends and deepen existing ones. It’s a great way to dip into a group and see if it feels right for you.

But Facebook also has its limitations.  It’s hard to search and find people according to geography and shared interests; it’s difficult to store, search and share files, videos etc.; it isn’t possible for members to exchange value between each other or create special interest groups within the main group; and it’s fleeting. Really good ideas, great insights, truly helpful advice appear each day,  then disappear just as fast.

That’s why we’re busy creating our own The Silver Tent online community to serve our growing community better.

That’s why we’re asking you to become a member – at a level of your choice.

But first, in case you’ve just arrived, take a moment to listen to Francesca’s grand vision.

The very first project of the community is the The Silver Tent Launch Summit… We will have a truly inspiring line-up of 25 women sharing their stories and wisdom with us between April 22 and April 30th.  You can see the line-up of speakers here.

But to view the Summit online  and for 48 hours after, you will need to register. 

Not only is the Summit free to view, but registration entitles you to FREE membership  in our Silver Tent Community launching on 1st May.  

Membership Packages

There are three levels of membership on offer:

Silver Sister (free);

Silver Seed ($97 per year; on offer until June 30th for $127 for two years) and

Silver Grove (donation – see details at foot of this page)

So Why Pay When You can get So Much For Free?

Yes, we are giving so much away for free because we want as many women as possible from around the world to have the chance to participate, no matter what level of financial resources they have.

But we are also reliant upon paid membership. The income from Silver Seed and Silver Grove membership provides the working capital  to run the community, gather amazing content, and provide amazing services (Silver Circles, around-the-clock online meet-ups, exclusive travel opportunities, access to how to videos, interviews, and courses).

We had a choice – to raise money to fund operations but be driven by investors seeking profit first; or create a value-generating Social Enterprise that will plough its profits back into the community in the form of bursaries and improved services.

Click on the pink button to see the benefits of free versus paid membership at a glance and to get a sense of what Silver Seed membership would offer, watch Francesca’s video.

Membership Benefits

The top 10 reasons to pay  for a membership now

  1. There’s a special pre-Summit price for Silver Seed members of just US $127 for two years’ annual membership (ending April 30th 2019). After that, it will cost US$97 per year.
  2. You’ll get to keep the .mp4 videos of the Summit and watch anytime at your leisure.
  3. You’ll be able to access additional live interviews and webinars with fascinating authors, activist and wise women and interact directly.
  4. Be able to participate in travel opportunities designed exclusively for Silver Seed and Silver Grove members
  5. Access Francesca’s 6 week online course (value $249) Embrace Your Wild, Wonderful and Wise Elder Self  for yourself or as a gift for a friend in need of an uplift AND three guided meditations created by Kat Byles (PR with Heart) that will help you discover your essence and heart’s true purpose.
  6. Teach: be able to apply to become one The Silver Tent Faculty and offer courses of your own;
  7. Lead: show leadership in your community by hosting Silver Circles
  8. Enjoy  ‘Reveal Your True Purpose‘ – 3 guided meditations created by Kat Byles, Summit speaker and founder, PR With Heart.
  9. Know your investment is enabling other women to access the camaraderies, knowledge and wisdom in the Tent who otherwise could not. Some call it Pay IT Forward. We call it Winning by Sharing and it works!
  10. Enjoy discounts on offers from Faculty and sponsors.

Silver Grove Membership

There is one further level of membership…. but it is limited in number.

Silver Grove Membership will help you reach beyond The Silver Tent community to amplify the energy of wisdom on the planet ….

Please watch the video for more information and if it speaks to you, please apply by emailing me:

I’d love to share my vision with you in person.

Now the choice of membership is yours!

Regardless of whether you wish to activate your free membership and become a Silver Sister, join us as a Silver Seed or Silver Grove member, the route is the same:

Step 1: Complete the Summit Registration Form – by pressing one of the three buttons below.

Step 2: Confirm your subscription in the email that you’ll receive immediately afterwards.

Step 3: You’ll automatically be signed into the Silver Tent (you’ll see “Members’Area” in the nav bar.Keep you user name and password safe. You’ll only need it if you log out and want back in!)

So You’re IN! It will be GREAT  to have you with us. During the course of May we’ll be adding significantly to the content and functionality of the Members’ area.