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DISCOVER YOUR SILVER LEGACY… your unique flavour of Wisdom Worth Sharing

15feb3:00 pm5:00 pmDISCOVER YOUR SILVER LEGACY… your unique flavour of Wisdom Worth Sharing3:00 pm - 5:00 pm(GMT+00:00) Event Organized ByFrancesca Cassini and The Silver TentEvent Type Event for The Silver Tent & Silver Synergy,Paid

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You are a beautiful gem in the treasure box of life... a unique stitch in the cardigan of life... with access to your own flavour of wisdom which is not only worth sharing in our world today, it is a vital ingredient. You may think this doesn’t apply to you, but this is the premise The Silver Tent is based upon:
We are wise women with wisdom worth sharing, and the menopause journey (that we’re either embarking upon, we’re in the midst of, or even if we’ve left it miles behind), is our portal to this deep innate wisdom.
Nature is not random. She does nothing without an inherent design. So, if Nature chose to gift (and I mean gift) the menopause to only two creatures on this planet, us and Whales, she had her reasons. Maybe, like Whales, we are wisdom-keepers and maybe, more importantly at this time in the history of mankind, it's the time of womankind to be wisdom-sharers.
Our 9-week Journey takes you on an exploration of who you truly are, when you see beyond the filters of what you’ve learned about yourself over the last five decades and more. You’ll explore what your menopause has, or is, gifting you and, with the guidance of your own Muse (maybe we’ll call her your Menopause Muse), you’ll reveal what your message is for the world (regardless of whether this ‘world’ is your immediate family, your community or a global stage).
Your Muse will share with you what medium most suits you, what audience is most open to your message, and you’ll find that place of authenticity from which to share your message most powerfully and enjoyably. Whether you choose to share your message through writing, radio, video, or storytelling through many media, your Muse will give you all the guidance you need. She becomes your profound ally.
When you explore with your Muse, you’ll soon discover that this high level of creativity opens you to way more than what you thought you knew. In fact, it's an indication you’re operating from this ‘genius’ level. You’ll enter a whole new realm when you allow your Muse to lead the way.
Held over nine weeks, with a session each week in a zoom room, and occasional assignments in between.
This is really just the beginning…
Each month afterwards, for twelve months from date of completion, we’ll meet up in a Zoom room for a MuseMind to support each other in honing our unique message and to share it. With your co-operation we will relaunch Silver Tent Radio as well as Silver Tent TV and more.
To participate in this very first Silver Legacy Journey you need to be a Silver Synergy member for at least three months during the Journey itself. To continue receiving support, you will need to stay on as a Silver Synergy member. And there is far more to share with you as we travel on this Journey together.
This special ‘pioneering’ investment is offered at just £69 + three months' Silver Synergy membership. This will also provide lifetime access to the recorded programme. In return for this special rate, we ask for your feedback, comments and testimonial on completion. The regular cost in future will be £369. You are welcome to participate through recordings only, at the same special price.
START DATE: 15th February 2023, and every Wednesday thereafter, until we complete on 12th April 2023. I may offer a second start date on Sunday 19th Feb if you can't make the 15th.
SESSION TIMES: 3pm UK time for a maximum of two hours, some sessions will be shorter.
If you miss a session, you will be able to catch up through the recordings, but you will gain more from the experience if you are able to attend the live Zoom calls.
OPPORTUNITY: On completion you will have the option to upgrade your Silver Synergy membership to the new Silver Legacy membership at no extra charge for a full year. This is for those of you who would LOVE to become a Silver Tent Radio and/or Silver Tent TV host and more. 



February 15, 2023 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm(GMT+00:00)



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