Celebrating Elderhood Adventure, Israel - October 2023

15oct(oct 15)2:30 pm22(oct 22)5:00 amCelebrating Elderhood Adventure, Israel - October 20232:30 pm - 5:00 am (22)(GMT+00:00) Event Organized ByVanessa Squire Kaliski & The Silver TentEvent Type All participants are responsible for their own travel, accommodation & insurance costs,Event for The Silver Tent & Silver Synergy

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Celebrating Wise Elderhood – How different cultures view Elder Women – with Vanessa Squire Kaliski

Let’s gather as a Silver group of Wise Elder Women ready for an adventure together.

A tour of inspirational ancient and modern places in Israel, nexus points of ancient feminine energy, following in the footsteps of archetypal wise women, especially Miriam the Prophetess and Mary Magdalene.
We can visit the Sea of Galilee, site of many miracles, the well of Miriam, the well of Mary Magdalene, the Jordan River baptism site, and also the first Kibbutz Degania Alef, where some of my children and grandchildren live, and where I was a member for 30 years. We can meet and speak to some inspirational Wise Elder Women to hear about how they feel as Elders in their community.
We can visit the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. Bathe in the velvety waters, soooo soothing for aches and pains. Experience the mystical energies.
We can visit the Negev Desert, Megiddo – Armageddon, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv… there are so many varied and varying fascinating places.
Experience how Elderhood is regarded in the rich cultural melting pot of Israel, where you’ll see all shades of Jewish, Arabic, Bedouin, Druse, Circassian, Ethiopian, Russian, Iraqi, Persian, Georgian, South and North Americans, Europeans… and now especially lots of French are arriving in Israel, with their delicious influence too.
I lived in Israel for more than 30 years, speak fluent Hebrew, and feel completely at home there, my children and grandchildren are there. For decades I have been arranging tours around Israel for visitors from abroad.
Our itinerary will be relaxed, an informal gathering of friends. I am arranging the accommodation and all transportation, tours and experiences. Participants will arrange their flights to Tel Aviv, and cover the cost of meals after breakfast, and any extra spending you might like. I am happy to help you with all arrangements.
We’re planning to be A small relaxed group of explorers, max 8 or 9. We have place for 5-6 Silver Synergistas, Francesca and me. I’ll drive us around in a minibus. We’ll follow our spontaneous flow. Based on current flight options from the UK to Israel, it looks like it will be 7 nights, 8 days from SUNDAY 15th until SUNDAY 22nd OCTOBER 2023 (details subject to change).
October is an ideal time of year to visit Israel. Daytime temperatures around 28°C/82°F, about 18°C/64 °F at night. There may be a little rain, but mostly bright balmy sunshine, after the arid heat of the summer. And after the crowds of the high season. We will work out an itinerary based on what my fellow explorers who choose to join me would love.
We’re planning to stay in single rooms with private bathrooms at Karei Deshe https://en.iyha.org.il/karei-deshe-kinneret-hostel on the shores of the magical Sea of Galilee, and the Ein Kerem Guest House https://www.notredamedesion.org/…/ein-kerem-guest-house/ in the hills of Jerusalem, with beautiful peaceful gardens, and an ancient well. Both places have a luscious relaxing vibe.
I’ve had guests stay happily at Karei Deshe in the past, and also have visited the Ein Kerem Guest House two or three times, and participated in a Voices of Eden concert there in the church with a retreat group organised by our Silver Sister Eliana Gilad. It’s a popular place to stay with groups for yoga, writing, meditation and all kinds of workshops.
Breakfast is included. We will have the other meals when we are out and about. Israel is a culinary delight! We could do a foodie tour, tasting all the different cuisines – maybe another time…
When Francesca and I were celebrating our birthday together last October, we were considering different aspects of what really is the beating heart of the Silver Tent, what is the special flavour, especially for our in-person gatherings?
The tagline on the The Silver Tent website at the moment is:
Challenging Convention – Rewriting the myth of the older woman
On my frequent visits to Israel I realised that, in general, older women are regarded with more respect than we may experience here in the UK, and that starts with the pension age being 62, rather than 67. Mostly women our age are honoured as matriarchs of their families, with a valued part to play in society. There are many nuances, traditions and different ways within the different cultural communities in Israel. Is there something we can learn, and bring home?
Israel is unique as a multicultural melting pot, where so many of these different attitudes can be observed in the different cultural communities.
I am blessed with personal friends in Israel from various backgrounds who will be pleased to talk to us, and there is also strong ancient feminine energy to absorb from the power-full Holy Land, especially at this time of great change.
I invite you to join me to explore further.
INVESTMENT (estimated, as at 4Feb23)
Bearing in mind that Israel is a very popular destination and flight and car hire costs are constantly rising, the sooner we can settle our plans, the better.
For 7 nights, 8 days 15-22 October 2023:
Accommodation in a single room with bathroom, including breakfast
Transportation and transfers everywhere
All tours, experiences, ceremonies and activities
You will also need to cover the cost of:
Flight, for instance on ElAl from Luton to Tel Aviv is approx £330
Travel insurance for UK resident is approx. £20
Meals, apart from breakfast, approx. £40 per day = £200
So the indicative overall cost, including ElAl flight from Luton and meals in Israel, is approx £1750.
Each to have their own full travel insurance. The Silver Tent takes no liability. All participants will sign a standard Waiver form.
Costs include a nominal donation to The Silver Tent bursary fund.
If we’re to go ahead with the dates in October, this is for fast decision-makers since bookings are hard to get.
If you feel a YES I’M IN pull we need to close the bookings as soon as possible!
Payment terms are £600 by 15th March, and balance £600 by 1st October 2023
It’s best to book flights as soon as possible. Prices are climbing every day. Tel Aviv is a super-popular destination. If you’d like to add some extra days to your trip, I’m happy to help you with suggestions and arrangements. I now travel with hand luggage only, and recommend you do too. Am happy to help you sort that out as well. Make sure you have travel insurance as soon as you book your flight, which will cover any cancellation.
I will hold some extra Zooms with the group travelling to prepare for the adventure, including what to bring (definitely your swimsuit!), and so on. We can even have some mini-Hebrew lessons for fun!
We’ll return home inspired by experiencing so many different cultures in this unique multicultural melting pot, seeing the wonders of Israel, and with food for thought about celebrating our own Wise Elderhood.
Are you IN?

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Celebrating Elderhood Adventure, Israel – 15 – 22 October 2023
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October 15, 2023 2:30 pm - October 22, 2023 5:00 am(GMT+00:00)