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Our Vision for
The Silver Tent

Imagine a web of wise elder women around the world reinvesting in ourselves and each other in order to reconnect with our innate wisdom, un-tapping this vast reservoir of knowledge and skill, challenging convention about the role of the older woman in our society today, and serving our communities invaluably.

This reservoir of wisdom is vital in our world today, particularly currently with so much change, so much fear, so much misinformation. We need the critical and intuitive thinking of women born well before the age of the internet…. women who have lived through eras of sexual discrimination, navigating the glass ceilings in the world of commerce, discovering what it means to be considered ‘equal’, and to relearn that as elders we are valid and valuable with wisdom worth sharing in our world today.

Through this reconnection and understanding of our unique brands of wisdom and skills, we create safe and valuable offline hubs in our local communities to reconnect others in similar ways. And we ensure our wisdom and expertise is available beyond our own demographic both off and online.

Now imagine

1,000,000 of us wise elder women being supported by our own philanthropic resource to bring this wisdom out in the shape of innovative business and charitable projects which serve humanity, nature, the environment etc. Not only do we envisage supporting these projects with financial aid, but with the expertise to help them bring them fully to fruition, all from within our own expanding community.

It is time for us to step out of the current paradigm that we older women are past our sell by date and are destined to be a burden either on our family or on the state. It is time we recover our ability to be inspirationally and powerfully productive while enjoying a deeply satisfying and enjoyable transition to our eventual end of life.

‘The Silver Tent is a rare, authentic, kind and inclusive space.’
Lea Baggett

‘The longing for like-minded connection, to know I’m not alone. For inspiration and positivity even in the face of challenges, thank you’
Diana Clark

The Love Circle here recently was fantastic!!
Tina Neal

‘I‘m here for the diversity of ideas and for the abundance of love, support and generosity. I have already met some gorgeous women through your inspired group.’
Jane Teresa

‘I have taken part in many Zoom circles and events, learned so much, laughed and cried and laughed again. ’
Mary Lunnen

‘I just love the Tent and Silver Synergy, and couldn’t imagine life without it. ’
Joy Shallcross

‘This awesome Silver Tent is like no other place I know of!‘
Maebh O’Leary

‘I’ve been here from very early on. I love the different subjects aired and the support and empathy shown by fellow sisters‘
Melanie Bolland

‘The friendships and support I have found here have changed my world.‘
Rosie Christopherson