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Dogs. There are around 900 million of them worldwide as of 2018, according to Google search. Large, small, long nosed, flat nosed, gentle, grumpy, black, white, brown, spotted, furless, prick eared, flat eared, droopy eared, and all variations in between. Current educated guess is that around 20,000 years ago they evolved from those wolves that chose to live in harmony alongside humans. Selective breeding by humans to form dogs into working partners, herders, guarders, hunters, sniffers, swimmers and a few other means of employment enhanced certain attributes in a particular breed.

dogsLoyal Dogs

One thing most – if not all – dogs have in common is a fierce love for and loyalty to their owners and families, traits that have been handed down from their remote ancestors, as evidenced in numerous documentaries and studies on wolves. For me, this strong connection to their human pack is one of the main things that has made this four-legged creature the most popular pet.

How does this loyalty manifest in real stories, particularly when applied to women over 50, which is the thing that women in the Silver Tent all have in common? The following small study shows anecdotally the impact of these amazing creatures on some of their lives.

Patricia from Texas says she has had dogs most of her life, which has been enhanced by their love, acceptance and joy. She tells about Apolli, who she was privileged to have for 17 years and to be there for him when he died; “It was hard to watch him suffer”, she says.

Standing Guard

Patricia would feel a sadness not to have a dog in the house, and currently has two dogs from her favourite breed, Shar Pei, as they are protective, quiet and loveable. Juno is her constant companion and also alerts her to any unusual psychic activity, being with her even in ceremony, standing guard, and in sessions holding energy for the client.

Siobhan from Wales has had dogs since she was a child as well. She says her abusive father used to beat them and so she feels a special affinity with them. She does not have a favourite breed particularly but has always felt a connection with labradors after watching Blue Peter (a children’s TV show in the UK) and because of their relationship with Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Dogs’ Needs

Siobhan tells about how she came to own her current dog, Elsa, a husky mix. “I nearly missed out on having Elsa in my life. She was an 8-month puppy at the rescue centre. I have a disability and so rejected her from the outset because I did not think I could cope with a puppy. But luckily the dog carer at the sanctuary understood dogs and their needs. Elsa appeared traumatised and nervous. She needed a quiet home with a one-to-one relationship. And not to be left on her own a lot of the time. As someone who lives alone and works from home, I could meet all those needs.

“I decided to trust the dog carer and let him bring Elsa to meet me. And I am so glad I did. It was love at first sight. And when the great test came, and we put her on a lead, she didn’t pull on the lead once, but instead walked completely to heel, without any prior training. I saved her life and she has saved mine”.

Life Saver

Lara in France has a very special dog. Lara tells the story in her own words: “My husband left me in 2013 and I was so low I took an overdose, but little Meggy woke me up by licking my face until I woke up. She wouldn’t leave me alone until a friend came round, it was as if she was trying to make me tell my friend what had happened and, as a result, I went to hospital for tests. Fortunately, I didn’t have to have my stomach pumped. So in a nutshell, I’m here still because she literally saved me, I believe. I would do absolutely anything for her in return, I owe her so much and amazingly my life has turned around and I’m now very happy.”

There are many more stories to tell about how dogs have had a positive impact on people’s lives. My own story with dogs is lifelong. I aim to tell this story in my next blog.


dogsJools L Williams is a seeker, a sleeper slowly waking up after single motherhood and walking the treadmill in corporate. She is a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a dog servant, nature lover, Earth keeper, energy worker, tarot learner, erstwhile Shamanic novice. And sometimes, none of the above. Sometimes it’s nice to be still, silent and do or be nothing. Likes driving her car, playing on the swings, talking to trees and doing daft dancing round the kitchen to catchy beats. She has a facetious sense of humour and works really hard to keep a motormouth in check. Favourite people are those with compassion, and a clever and crazy sense of humour. Second to all dogs of course.

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  1. Sandra Gilfillan

    Love reading these stories Jools. Got a lump in my throat….so touching.Thank you!

  2. Resa Ferreira

    Lovely, Jools! I miss our Jack still. He was a Catahoula and came to us through a no-kill shelter in Arizona. He spirit visits from time-to-time. His addition to our family enriched all of our lives.

  3. Steffie Betts

    Beautiful, Jools! we share a love of our four-legged brothers and sisters <3 xxx

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