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Welcome to our Beautiful
Silver Home

Did you know that an experience you’ve had, an understanding you’ve gained and a perspective born from your life’s journey will be invaluable to someone in our community?

And of course the opposite is true too – we have so much we can learn from others.

You are inherently wise simply by the fact you’ve lived at least five decades.
You are valid and valuable in our world today.
And you have wisdom worth sharing.

Why not explore a bit further?

What does community
mean to me?

Having spent 45 years of my life thinking I was an ‘alone’ kind of person I was astonished to discover how much I love being in community. I was lucky enough to begin this journey in an extraordinary community space where we were all encouraged to be more and more true to ourselves, while connecting honestly and productively with others. It was a challenge for me to live this way because it initially felt so alien, but the rewards were surprisingly high. So over the last 20 years I’ve explored more about community and how much I am able to flourish within those which are supportive in nature. I look for a community of like hearted people because like minded people can create a space where only certain views and perspectives are tolerated. Like hearted people on the other hand will be the kind of people who are open minded, who can appreciate and witness me, reflecting back to me what value I bring. They’ll allow me the opportunity for growth too, not just telling me what I want to hear. In return I offer this expansive space for others. I love to witness the gifts of others, their natural wisdom and reflect this back and encourage its development. I built The Silver Tent out of this understanding.

What does absence of community mean to me?

Being alone allows me to be myself effortlessly but it also allows me to become rigid and inflexible because there is no one to offer me a new viewpoint, a new exploration, a different understanding. It’s a bit like being an oyster without the grit… no pearl can develop. So although absence of community may feel like ‘home’ to me, it can turn in to an infertile barren landscape. I used to think I needed no one to be my creative self, but actually my creativity thrives when prompted by another… not necessarily while we’re together, but a dialogue emerges in my imagination from the exchange of ideas with others. So I’ve realised that although alone time is vital to me, its polar opposite of community is at least as valuable. This once again is how I see The Silver Tent being of value – supporting each member to be true to themselves and also exploring how collaborating together can make us stronger, happier and more creative.


What can we achieve as a community?

So much I believe there are virtually no limitations. One thing I do feel is how profoundly our wisdom is needed right now in our world today. There is so much ‘unknown’ out there, so much chaos, and most of us who have been immersed in our menopause journey will know that unknown, chaotic landscape over a number of years. We’ve had to learn how to navigate such changeable terrain. And many of us have found a new ‘us’ the other side, where our creativity has escalated, and our inspiration to participate in the birth of a new paradigm has increased exponentially. Does it matter if you don’t feel the same way? Not at all. As The Silver Tent is a like-hearted community and you can rediscover yourself, perhaps redefine yourself, and explore what you’d love to experience in this stage of your life. With this in mind I believe that we are ripe for our time, that we all have a role to play no matter whether this is with our grandchildren or small constellation of friends, our local community or on a global stage – each platform is important and impactful.

‘The Silver Tent is a rare, authentic, kind and inclusive space.’
Lea Baggett

‘The longing for like-minded connection, to know I’m not alone. For inspiration and positivity even in the face of challenges, thank you’
Diana Clark

‘The Love Circle here recently was fantastic!!’
Tina Neal

‘I‘m here for the diversity of ideas and for the abundance of love, support and generosity. I have already met some gorgeous women through your inspired group.’
Jane Teresa

‘I have taken part in many Zoom circles and events, learned so much, laughed and cried and laughed again. ’
Mary Lunnen

‘I just love the Tent and Silver Synergy, and couldn’t imagine life without it. ’
Joy Shallcross

‘This awesome Silver Tent is like no other place I know of!‘
Maebh O’Leary

‘I’ve been here from very early on. I love the different subjects aired and the support and empathy shown by fellow sisters‘
Melanie Bolland

‘The friendships and support I have found here have changed my world.‘
Rosie Christopherson

‘We don’t need to be activists to transform humanity
We only need be ourselves… truly ourselves
Not the selves we’ve been taught to be
Not the selves the media tells us to be
But our wild, wonderful and wise elder selves’

Francesca Cassini