With a grand vision to bring together at least 1,000,000 wild, wonderful and wise women to create profound change in our world, The Silver Tent is a global space where women over 50 are discovering this to be the most meaningful, powerful and celebratory time of our lives.

In this psychological safe space we re-ignite our deepest dreams and recognise our wisdom, receive support from our silver sisters and become a force of nature in the world.

How does it deliver this? Through on and offline summits, coaching, mentoring and healing, luscious retreats and workshops, global travel experiences with Silver Tent Travel as well as Silver Circle meet ups both virtual and on the ground.

Our current foundational team, speakers for the launch summit, and faculty coaches/mentors/healers are wise elders themselves, experts in their field, have great experience in running relevant events and in particular supporting women like us to recognise our value and wisdom through a number of modalities.

We’ll share our voices and stories with the wider community in whatever way is most meaningful for each of us including Silver Tent TV and Radio. As we grow we’ll launch Silver Tent Publishing with a bi-monthly digital magazine and a series of ‘Stories from The Silver Tent’ books, as well as support our favourite humanitarian and life-affirming causes through crowd giving and crowd action.

‘Men cannot stop the Third World War. It is not in their cells. But women can. A man can love a child, but he doesn’t go through the labour pain. The solutions on this Earth are not in the hands of men. The solutions on this Earth are in the hands of the woman, in the psyche of the woman.’ Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

As a Social Enterprise, our finances will be transparent and a substantial percentage of profit (when we get to that point) will be poured in to a Silver Tent Foundation to be used to support paradigm changing projects which inspire our membership so we can create and collaborate towards a brighter future.

Many women are saying ‘How come this hasn’t been done before?’ and ‘How will you fund it?’ Our answer is that we could get investment to bring it fully to fruition but we’d be bound by the ‘bottom line’. Crowd funding is a frequent suggestion. But what we’re doing is offering great membership options to act as on-going crowd-funding instead.


We’re excited to offer you a vibrantly warm and inclusive welcome no matter which membership option you choose – we’ll celebrate birthdays, successes and milestones, encourage your adventures, and support you through your challenges. We’ve created a safe space where you can express yourself from your darkest fears to your highest visions and find empowering support, as well as offer it. You’ll be part of a vibrant community of women exploring our innate wise elder wisdom, becoming part of a movement to change the paradigm about older women and inspire younger generations.

Four Ways to Participate in the Silver Tent

Option 1: Join the Closed Facebook Group only. This is a great way to test the waters and determine whether the Silver Tent is for you. You can follow the conversations, add comments, start discussions and check out the profiles of members etc. But if you really like the group and want more, then take the next step…

Take Me to Facebook

Option 2: Join the Silver Tent for free as a Silver Sister to be able to search, find and connect with others and access the content posted in the Community by members, faculty and guests.

All you have to do is complete a form that will appear when you press the pink button of your choice, then respond positively to the email authorisation request that will be sent automatically. You will be automatically logged into the full site and see a menu item “Members Area.” Don’t lose the user name and password you created when filling out the form just in case you get logged out. You’ll need them to log back in.

Make me a Silver Sister for Free

Option 3:  Join the Silver Tent as a Silver Seed, paid subscriber to access more benefits and services. The table maps out the different benefits.

All you have to do is complete a form that will appear when you press the pink button of your choice, then respond positively to the email authorisation request that will be sent automatically. You will be automatically logged into the full site and see a menu item “Members Area.” Don’t lose the user name and password you created when filling out the form just in case you get logged out. You’ll need them to log back in.

You can choose from one of three payment options – please select one that’s right for you:

At the Special Discount rate of $127 for two years’ membership (offer open until end December 2017)

Make me a Silver Seed for two years at $127

At the one-year membership rate of  $97.00, 

Make me a Silver Seed for 1 year at $97

Pay $9.99 monthly

make me a Silver Seed member on a monthly basis

Option 4. Join the Silver Tent as a Silver Grove member. This level of membership is for those of you inspired to play a more pivotal role in the development of The Silver Tent and help amplify the energy of wisdom on the planet.  In return, you’ll have all the benefits of Silver Seed membership plus we’ll actively support your visibility within the community and beyond and accentuate your profile as a Silver Grove member.

If this interests you we can have a call to explore what value this will bring to you and what level of investment would create the most effective collaborative support (our version of gift economy), please email: Francesca@thesilvertent.com

Silver Sister and Silver Seed Benefits Compared

Features Free Seed
1. Attend our inspiring online Summit each year
2. View ALL Launch Summit interviews whenever you wish
3. Join our Silver Circles – online, hosted real time audio and video space of connection. A place to be heard, listen, and connect. Offline Silver Circles to come. None of us ever need feel alone.
4. Participate in monthly, exclusive, live, interactive interviews with inspiring authors, activists, wise elder women and business leaders
5. Receive 3 guided meditations created by Kat Byles on realising your true essence, finding and living your Heart's purpose
6. Explore our Silver Faculty of coaches, mentors, healers, and workshop leaders (online and offline)
7. Learn through our variety of webinars and recorded interviews produced by Silver Tent faculty
8. Participate in our closed FB group for great conversations and support
9. Submit a quarterly bursary request to receive up to $3000 (once we have in excess of 1000 paying members)
10. Silver Tent Travel: participate in the unique travel opportunities to meet with wise elder women in different cultures around the world
11. Contribute to our Silver Resource Library
12. Access our Silver Resource Library – a video and audio library of fascinating ‘how to’s’
13. Access for free The Silver Tent ‘Embrace Your Wise Elder Self’ a 6 week online course developed by Francesca Cassini ($249 value)
14. Teach: Have an opportunity to join the Silver Tent Faculty
15. Silverpreneur: Opportunity to showcase and sell your creativity
16. Community Leadership: Host a Silver Circle and Community Hub
17. Savings: access to discounts negotiated with sponsors

The Team

Francesca Cassini, Founder

Francesca is an inspirational storyteller using real life stories to illustrate that when you follow your heart come what may you tap in to the collaborative essence of nature and nothing is impossible. She does this by challenging herself, producing personal stories through writing and video, sharing other people’s inspirational stories as well as writing visionary fiction.

An intuitive mentor for over 20 years she has also published The Changing Times magazine, was Editor of Conscious Traveller Magazine, and been a founder member of a Conscious Living social network. Her first novel uses the theme of ‘love being the vital force which brings our imagination to life’ and is the first in a trilogy on the resurrection of the feminine.  She writes and produces video diaries, is compiling a book filled with inspiring journeys from the head to the heart, and is the founder of The Silver Tent community. She believes that our elder women are a powerful untapped resource and when we recognise our wisdom and work together we can change the world. 
About her name she says: ‘People often ask me about my name. How did I end up being called Francesca Cassini without an ounce of Italian blood? The story is my paternal grandfather, as a Jew, walked out of Russia during the pogroms and made his way on foot to Italy. ‘You can’t sing opera with a name like Cassinsky’, said Caruso, after teaching him to sing. So my grandfather changed his name to Cassini, promptly came to England and sang on the Vaudeville stage instead.’

Anna Pollock,  Silver Tent Travel

Anna has enjoyed a rich and productive career as a consultant, strategist, and, change agent serving the global travel and hospitality sector. As an internationally recognised thought leader and visionary she has been a pioneer in the application of digital technology, education, and sustainability. She loves applying her gift of seeing patterns, connections and the “bigger picture” to help her clients make sense of their changing world and ensure tourism makes it better.

Since Anna believes that travel and hospitality can only be a major force for good provided it is managed well, she has created Conscious Travel – a way of doing tourism that ensures both guest and host benefit while leaving the smallest footprint. Her professional goal is the emergence of a global network of Places That Care, where hosts celebrate the uniqueness of places and enable their guests and fellow residents to flourish.

As a Founding Member of the Silver Tent  and Silver Tent Travel,  Anna is applying her irrepressible curiosity and gift for sensing what’s ahead to create a range of immersive, encounters with wise elder women around the world that nourish, delight and enchant both host and guest. Silver Tent Travel will offer original tours to places where elder women are revered for their wisdom, insights and power.

More: www.conscious.travel