Calling all women 50+

Are YOU ready to live a life of power, meaning and celebration?

If YES, please join us here in the Silver Tent.

We’ve created a warm, welcoming, nourishing space for those of us choosing to regain our wild, wonderful selves while shifting the paradigm of the older woman to the wise elder!

We rock.

We go beyond the rules.

We go beyond convention.

We live life on our own terms.

So, together, let’s create a safe, supportive and resource rich space for us to not only re-ignite our dreams, but help each other bring them to life and become powerful role models for a conscious, creative and collaborative world.


What a magical space you began here! How much love and attention already growing in this garden

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie

Thank you Francesca for creating this beautiful space!

Meg Montgomery

I am grateful for this wonderful community of sisters, for a safe place to share and know that I am understood and supported. I am grateful for the loving inner-chi that exudes within this circle of goddess sisters.

Nancy Barry

This has become one of my fav groups. I feel seen, respected and well represented…with a soupcon of silliness! Shall invite some of my Cronies to get on board.

Iris Hawkins

I love you ladies and love reading & sharing all the jewels we all have! WHAT AN AWESOME GROUP!!!!!

Judy Utah

I give thanks for this wonderful space you’ve created which has enabled me to say ‘yes I am’ & ‘yes I will’. A couple of experiences recently in groups of younger people had left me feeling rather like my time was over ha! right now I’m feeling like my time is here & now!

Anne Cross

Of the many sanctuaries of beauty & connection in the world The Silver Tent is a shining example.

Rebecca Traver

It’s a powerful and sacred space where like-minded women feel safe to share and be their authentic selves, you have given us all such a precious gift by creating it, thank you

Samantha Yates

The Silver Tent epitomizes a “GLASS HALF FULL” attitude. Together we share an understanding that there are no rules and we can agree to disagree. We have learned through experience that talk is cheap and DOING is priceless.

Lorraine Lea Turner
I have made some lovely new friends and re-connected with old ones! It’s been good to invite others here to help them share, grow and let out their grand shows! A PLACE FOR WISDOM AND EVER RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS.
Rosemary Graham

The Silver Tent is amazing!!! Already I’ve skipped with Francesca Cassini and am visiting Soleira Green near Malaga, Spain next month! Wow! And the posts from these babes totally rocks! Who/what cam be better than E.B.?? Elder Babes that have been there, done that, loved this, loved that and share freely!!! MMMMwaaaahhhhh!’

Judy Utah

Announcing The Silver Tent Launch Summit!


You’ll find a rainbow of resources in the Silver Tent community to support you in making this phase of your life the most meaningful, the most powerful and the most celebratory, including:

The Silver Tent Annual Summit

Each year we’ll host an online festival of phenomenal women speakers from around the world sharing personal stories and ‘how to’ tips to help you reclaim the fact you are now a wise elder… it is in your DNA.. it is your birthright.

We launch our first of many summits on April 20th 2017.

Register for our summit

The Silver Tent Community

The heart of The Silver Tent is our private safe space where we celebrate our successes and milestones, support our adventures and challenges, express our fears and visions, explore our innate wisdom and change the paradigm about older women to inspire ourselves as well as the younger generation.

The interactive aspect of the community launches on May 1st.

Join the Silver Tent Community

Silver Tent Travel

We are creating a range of immersive, encounters with wise elder women around the world that nourish, delight and enchant both host and guest.

Silver Tent Travel will offer our Silver Seed and Silver Grove members original tours to places where elder women are revered for their wisdom, insights and power.

Our launch tour will be in Western Canada this September.

Find out more

“The Wise Woman strives to create from the edges, not from the mangled, mediocre middle. The Wise Woman and the Wild Woman remain at the frontiers of everything, where creativity, original intuition, insight, vibrancy, visionary spark and all that you need to be effective and useful, all of that lives at the edges”

– Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We’d love your participation

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The Silver inTent

“When we open our hearts to our true selves,

our silver sisters celebrate and support us

to become a force of nature”


Francesca Cassini