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Rewriting the myth of the older woman

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Are you a woman over 50 looking for a welcoming, supportive, engaging online community?

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As we share our stories and ask our questions we discover that from our diversity and culture, experiences, gifts and abilities, we each have a unique blend of wisdom. Weaving this wisdom together, we create a rich and expansive environment. In this Silver space, through our golden years, and challenging current convention, we redefine what it means to be a woman over 50, and rewrite the myth of the older woman.

We let go of who we thought we were and step in to the truth of who we truly are – wise elder women, valid and valuable, with wisdom worth sharing, whether that’s with our grandchildren, our local community or on a world stage.

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Silver Tent TV

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Our Vision & Mission

What if life past the age of 50, 60, 70, 80 and beyond is a powerful, meaningful and celebratory time? What if this is the ‘main meal’ that we’ve been practicing for throughout our lives? What if our deepest passions can now be revealed, making life more juicy than we ever anticipated?

And what if we truly are a vast untapped resource of wisdom and understanding?

What if we have arrived here at the most perfect time and that, by weaving our wisdom together, we have an opportunity to create significant impact and transformation?

Imagine engaging with a community which believes all this.
This is the Silver Tent.

Silver Wisdom Interviews

Maria Kempinska MBE

As founder of the successful Jongleurs Comedy Clubs, and awarded the MBE for services to the entertainment and hospitality industry, Maria has played a defining role in helping make the UK stand up comedy scene the roaring success it is today. Her passion for understanding people has led her to become a Psychoanalyst.

Click to watch the interview.

Dr Manjir Samanta- Laughton on Our Extraordinary Universe

Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton is a former medical doctor and holistic practitioner turned international speaker and author of the Amazon bestselling books, Punk Science and The Genius Groove. Here she shares with us much about her ground breaking theory…

Click to watch the interview.

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH

Having arrived in Britain as an unaccompanied child refugee in 1939, Dame Stephanie started what became Xansa plc (now part of the Sopra Group) on her dining room table with £6 in 1962. Awarded an OBE, a DBE and the Order of Companions of Honour (CH), Dame Stephanie is a successful IT entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Click to watch the interview.

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‘The Silver Tent is a rare, authentic, kind and inclusive space.’
Lea Baggett

‘The longing for like-minded connection, to know I’m not alone. For inspiration and positivity even in the face of challenges, thank you’
Diana Clark

‘The Love Circle here recently was fantastic!!’
Tina Neal

‘I‘m here for the diversity of ideas and for the abundance of love, support and generosity. I have already met some gorgeous women through your inspired group.’
Jane Teresa

‘I have taken part in many Zoom circles and events, learned so much, laughed and cried and laughed again. ’
Mary Lunnen

‘I just love the Tent and Silver Synergy, and couldn’t imagine life without it. ’
Joy Shallcross

‘This awesome Silver Tent is like no other place I know of!‘
Maebh O’Leary

‘I’ve been here from very early on. I love the different subjects aired and the support and empathy shown by fellow sisters‘
Melanie Bolland

‘The friendships and support I have found here have changed my world.‘
Rosie Christopherson

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Be part of the movement that is challenging the current convention of
our elder women’s role in the world today, culminating in the development
of Silver Philanthropy, which will be launching October 2021.

About the Founder of The Silver Tent

Francesca Cassini is the founder of The Silver Tent and Silver Synergy which she brought to life in 2016. An inspirational author, storyteller and intuitive mentor for many years, Francesca birthed this exceptional community of wild, wonderful and wise women over 50, following her heart and intuition in a moment of breakthrough.

Get your copy of the book Together We Rock the story of The Silver Tent.

‘We don’t need to be activists to transform humanity
We only need be ourselves… truly ourselves
Not the selves we’ve been taught to be
Not the selves the media tells us to be
But our wild, wonderful and wise elder selves’

Francesca Cassini