If you’d love to discover that this third stage of life is actually amazing . . .

you’d love to share with others that this third stage of life can be the most meaningful, powerful and celebratory . . .

you want to create transformational change in the wider community and have plenty of fun doing it . . .

Then you are in the right place, and one of our membership levels will suit you.

You can become a Silver Sister for free, or access more benefits by investing in becoming a Silver Seed member and get more involved in growing this amazing movement.

the silver tent


Woven with the feminine principles of intuition, creativity and collaboration, The Silver Tent brings women over 50 together from around the world, to develop our innate wisdom, re-ignite the passions we may have hidden away, help each other to dust them off and to make them shine again.

Once shining, we’ll share our visions, projects and newly-fledged businesses with the wider community, or simply be the wise elder women we really are.

We do this through online and physical meet-ups, access to a growing library of wise elder wisdom, coaching, mentoring and healing, luscious retreats and workshops, global travel experiences and on- and offline summits and events.


What our members say:

“In February this year when I joined the Tent, I had no idea I would be contemplating writing a book and painting. I think joining Synergy as a Silver Seed is exactly what the Universe wanted me to do at this time of my life.”
Jools L Williams

“Oh gosh… where to start? I have received… the most incredible support, compassion, love, friendship. I have received the challenge to delve deeper, think harder, feel further. I have received the encouragement to grow. I have received laughs and joy and shared pain and sorrow. I have received the opportunities to learn new things and expand my self.”
Sarah May



the silver tent


the silver tent

the silver tent

the silver tent




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